X-DRS VET Expert

The comprehensive X-ray system for your small animal practice or clinic

X-DRS VET Expert

The new comprehensive X-ray system X-DRS VET Expert is ideally suited for your small animal practice or clinic. It generates high-quality digital x-ray images while providing a high level of comfort for users. The X-ray system integrates all the components necessary to produce X-ray images into one compact unit.

  • User-controlled X-ray process via the all-in-one PC without impeding the ability to focus on the animal.
  • Cabling is entirely confined to the system interior, providing maximum protection while creating a high-quality appearance.
  • The EXAMION detectorX-DR XLgenerates with our user-friendly X-ray software X-AQS brilliant X-ray images for clear-cut diagnosis.
  • The X-AI Integrator offers the option of creating an interface to the renowned PicoxIA software. This offers you diagnostic support through artificial intelligence.

We are confident of the quality of our products. Therefore we offer 5-year warranty!

Rent instead of buying

We are happy to offer you our X-DRS VET Expert X-ray system at attractive rental conditions. Our promotional offer is 599,- euro per month.

Advantages of the X-DRS VET Expert

Universal digital and compact X-ray system

The compact dimensions of the system means to guarantee that it can be readily installed in almostany veterinary practice without major conversion work. It is also quick to assemble and install.

Efficient task processing

The X-AQS universal X-ray software enables an optimal radiological workflow: From the acquisition of patient data and animal-specific organ programmes to the final X-ray image, diagnosis and archiving.


Always ready for use

The detector uses a standard cable connection. This guarantees a problem-free power supply and the detector can be ready for use at any time.


User-friendly operation

All system functions, and the tools for image viewing, management, and archiving are available right next to the X-ray acquisition system.


High quality x-ray images

The excellent quality of the X-ray images provides the optimal basis for reliable interpretation and diagnosis.

Flexible monitor arm

With the flexible arm, the monitor can be rotated by 180° and the height adjusted. The unit is fully customisable to meet your individual requirements.


European manufacture

European quality, short transport routes and fast delivery times.


Intuitive workflow:

Intuitive operation of the programme was our priority by the designing the X-AQS X-ray software.



We provide a 5-year warranty* for our highly reliable X-ray system. One Stop Shop!


Technical Specifications

Power30 kW
AnodeRotating, max. current 425 mA
Focus0,6/1,3 mm
Power supply230 V; 16 A (3 kW)
Ma-range in steps of 2525 bis 300
KV range in steps of 1KV40 bis 120
Dimensions with table top (WxHxD)160 x 200 x 93 cm
Dimensions with stand (WxHxD)230 x 200 x 135,3 cm
Weight of the entire system250 kg
Guaranty5 years
Detector choiceX-DR XL (43 x 43 cm / 17 x 17 In)
Pixel pitch139 μm
Pixel matrix3.072 px x 3.072 px
Weight4,0 kg
Safety classIPX1
Surface load150 kg
Point load100 kg bei Ø 40 mm
Warranty5 years;
Extended warranty on request


X-AQS Module Archiving on CD/DVD
X-AQS Module Data Compression
includes for client
X-AQS Module Patient CD/DVD
X-AQS Module Import Bitmap Images
X-AQS Module Import DICOM Images
X-AQS Module Import AQS Images
X-AQS Module Image Export
X-AQS Module Mail Export
X-AQS Client1 workstation (expandable up to 4 workstations)
X-AQS Viewer
X-AQS Diagnosis
License per Client, floating license
for X-AQS Software


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EXAMION will continue to stay a strong, reliable partner for the customers, even beyond the purchase process. We perform service, repair and maintenance of the X-ray system and carry out all required tests and measurements competently. Furthermore, we offer attractive financing models. Our sales representatives will be happy to advise you personally and according to your needs.


This depends on the range of applications in the practice. The X-DR L WiFi (35 cm x 43 cm (14" x 17")) basically covers all animal shots due to its size. However, especially for large animals such as horses, an X-DR M WiFi (25 cm x 30 cm (10" x 12")) is more suitable since it can be positioned extremely flexibly on the animal.


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The actual product configuration depends on the equipment selected and may differ from country to country. The products and product equipment shown in this illustration may differ in individual details from the current delivery program. Subject to changes in the interest of technical progress and errors excepted. In accordance with the EXAMION warranty conditions.