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Ceiling-mounted equine X-ray systems

Complete digital system for the equine clinic

The special requirements of the equine clinic require a versatile static X-ray system. The ceiling-mounted X-ray systems in our product portfolio deliver high-quality X-ray images and stand out with the latest X-ray technology and maximum comfort and convenience for vets and their patients.

In designing this innovative ceiling mounted X-ray system, the focus was clearly on the wellbeing of the animal. Noise generation has thus been minimised, ensuring that the examinations are as pleasant as possible for the animal.
The complete X-ray system can be combined with all EXAMION detectors.

Stationary X-ray system for the equine clinic

X-DRS Ceiling

  • Available in a range of variants with one or two telescopic arms
  • Large working range

Advantages of the X-ray system for horses


Can be operated and positioned with minimal effort

Large working range

More freedom of movement and safety for animals and vets

High-performance X-ray system

Sufficient performance, even for radiological images of the spine

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