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On this page you will find interesting and useful information/answers to frequently asked questions about X-ray in general, our digital X-ray systems and other products as well as about our company.

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As a PACS manufacturer, we are specialized in radiological image management. Based on our long-standing experience also in the X-ray sector, we act as a one-stop shop: from consulting to planning and implementation of the entire X-ray room and subsequent image distribution. Thus, our representatives can provide in-depth information about our digital X-ray systems and give you appropriate retrofitting advice, but they can also help you quickly and efficiently in case of a malfunction.

EXAMION will continue to stay a strong, reliable partner for the customers, even beyond the purchase process. We perform service, repair and maintenance of the X-ray system and carry out all required tests and measurements competently. Furthermore, we offer attractive financing models. Our sales representatives will be happy to advise you personally and according to your needs.

Digital X-ray systems and detectors

It depends on the individual case. Depending on the X-ray system, we are able to carry out maintenance and repairs or enable further use of X-ray equipment. This must be evaluated individually; our representatives will be happy to advise you! Send us an email at vertrieb@examion.com or contact your sales representative directly.

This depends on the range of applications in the practice. The X-DR L WiFi (35 cm x 43 cm (14" x 17")) basically covers all animal shots due to its size. However, especially for large animals such as horses, an X-DR M WiFi (25 cm x 30 cm (10" x 12")) is more suitable since it can be positioned extremely flexibly on the animal.

Yes. EXAMION offers mobile X-ray solutions both for human and for veterinary medicine.

Our mobile X-ray systems X-DRS Mobile 320 and X-DRS Mobile Pro 320 are particularly suitable for radiology departments and hospitals. EXAMION also offers suitable products for use in mobile emergency medicine.

We offer various case and bag solutions for veterinary medicine. We can also provide protective covers for safe use with large animals. Please feel free to contact our colleagues and we will make sure to find a system that meets your specific requirements.


Your practice

Each of the above indicated types of business operation has different characteristics and challenges which we as manufacturer will take into account accordingly, whether by attractive financing options that can be mapped accordingly or by corresponding product features that make an application particularly easy. Please contact your representative.

X-raying requires not only reliable equipment – usually consisting of an X-ray system, a diagnostic workstation including a certified monitor, and X-ray software including PACS – but also expert planning in advance. Among other things this includes spatial planning as well as specifications on how radiation protection is to be complied with and how the software-based image distribution is to be carried out. The digital X-ray system can be selected accordingly. Before you can start X-ray image acquisition, various registrations must be made and the X-ray room must be approved by your responsible authorized expert. EXAMION is happy to assist you with this process; please contact the representative responsible for your territory.

Yes, our experts are mostly able to accomplish this; however, we always have to check this individually. Therefore, you do not have to rely on the provider you want to switch from for the conversion.

Legal information

According to the Medical Device Regulation, which has been in force since May 2021, when replacing individual components of a digital X-ray system, it must be proven that the replacement part does not impair the safety and performance of the product. EXAMION meets these requirements through its competent technical department as well as quality management documentation requirements

The legal basis for placing X-ray equipment on the market is regulated in the Medical Device Regulation. There are two possibilities for correct placing on the market: An X-ray system can be sold as a fully certified product or as a treatment unit. EXAMION's digital X-ray systems are fully certified products

Clear regulations apply to medical devices to ensure their proper functionality and to protect patients from harm. The Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) is used to capture as well as display medical image data and thus has a great influence on the viewing options and the associated diagnosis. This justifies the classification of the PACS as a medical device. The EXAMION X-AQS PACS is approved according to the European Medical Device Directive MDD (93/42/EEC) and will soon also be certified according to the new Medical Device Regulation MDR (2017/745/EU). Our X-ray software has been developed compliant to IEC 62304:2006-05.

X-AQS: Our X-ray software

No, there is no obligation to conclude a software service contract when purchasing our X-AQS X-ray software. However, for a software medical device, this is specifically recommended. Our software is characterized by stable performance, but it is not an isolated system and therefore subject to changes in the operating system (e.g., Windows), device drivers, the network and, of course, users. A software maintenance contract ensures that you and your staff can always rely on support for questions and problems, without having to worry about a bill after every phone call.

Yes, an image export of single images can be done in different ways by the users themselves. Available formats include jpg and DICOM. To export DICOM images, our X-AQS “Export Module” is required. This is usually part of the standard configuration of our X-ray software, so it should probably be installed on your system already as well. Depending on the configuration of the X-AQS software, the image data can also be stored on a specific path for further distribution or upload by cloud services. Please feel free to contact our representatives for more detailed information.