Dental X-ray – small animal practices

Digital X-ray solutions for veterinary medicine

Our range of dental X-ray devices for small animal practitioners includes all the necessary components: on the one hand, the X-ray system which ensures that X-ray images are generated accurately. On the other hand, a flexible, fast imaging plate system for reading the X-ray images.

During dental treatments often the entire dentition of the animal needs to be X-rayed – spread over several images. With this in mind, it is clearly advantageous if the individual X-ray images can be exposed and read without interruption, i.e., quickly and one image after the other.

Dental X-ray devices for use on small animals

X-R Static Dental HF wall / mobile

  • Comfortable dental X-ray system
  • Flexible hinges
  • Adaptable to the conditions of the X-ray room

X-CR More Tabletop FireCR Dental

  • Flexible reading unit with imaging plates
  • Compact size

Advantages of dental X-ray devices for small animal practitioners

Matched components

For maximum quality and efficiency, the individual components communicate with each other without interference

Imaging of the entire dentition

Full X-ray imaging of each region of the dentition possible

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