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Sie möchten unsere elektronischen Gebrauchsanweisungen (eIFU) erhalten? Diese senden wir Ihnen gerne zu. Füllen Sie dazu das unten stehende Formular aus.
Please note that this contact form is only used to request our eIFUs. Please use the two separate forms for basic inquiries or support requests. This is the only way we can ensure that your request goes directly to the correct addressee and that we can process it promptly. Please fill in the form completely. We need all information to handle your request and furthermore also to be able to inform you about updates or security relevant developments according to Medical Device Regulation [(EU)2017/745] as well as Implementing Regulation (EU) 2021/2226.
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The eIFU is an elementary component of our software. The description for the access can be found in the printout of the support document. In case of missing access to the software and the online help, stop the recording or the diagnosis and contact the EXAMION support!