X-AQS – Veterinary medicine

Universal X-ray software for generating and managing medical images

Acquisition control to power Computed Cadiography (CR) direct digital radiography (DR) systems, X-ray generators, and a variety of external medical imaging systems

PACS (picture archiving and communication system) for all medical imaging data

Medical image processing and diagnosing


Standard user interface for all modules; intelligible icons and menu structure


Designed with the future in mind

Up-scalable system development



Adapted to your needs.  All modules perfectly harmonized.


System instructions

  • Creating patient data or importing data from the PMS (patient  management system)
  • Selection of animal species
  • Selection of required X-ray views from editable organ list
  • Generating of a worklist
  • Acceptance by procedure code from the patient data management system


  • State-of-the-art image processing
  • Positioning aids for radiographic and/or radiotherapy procedures
  • Recommended radiological exposure values
  • Transfer of X-ray dose related values to the electronic X-ray log
  • System control for preferred EXAMION X-ray generators

Certified diagnostic viewer at primary workstation with measurement tools

  • Image rotation, mirroring, automatic and manual window leveling
  • Extensive range of veterinary algorithms and measurements
  • Image export

Complete solutions for consistent diagnosis: Image acquisition, archiving and diagnosis as a combined total solution

Integration of other medical imaging sources

Video signal recording

  • Ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Photo and video cameras
  • Cropping function for dynamic images

Image importing

  • Importing of X-ray, CT and MRI data
  • Import any medical imaging files
  • Import of PDF files
  • Reliable procedure from different medical imaging sources



  • Windows or Linux-based archive
  • Unlimited capacity of imaging files


  • Between different sites
  • Between mobile and stationary databases

Backup (RAID)

  • External backup server mirroring


X-ray images

  • Viewer for diagnostic assessment
  • Extensive editing functions and diagnostic tools
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Touchscreen  supported

Photo, video and document display

  • Single image and image series display
  • Page by page document display
  • Video file playback

Measurement functions

  • Basic measurement functions, such as distance and circumference

Guided measurement functions

  • Guided measurement functions such as HD, VD thorax, VHS, TTA, TPLO, laminitis

Cross-sectional imaging modality

  • Multiple section line display options
  • Section navigation protocols
  • Configurable display of scout view sequences and localisers
  • Multiplanar reformation/reconstruction (MPR)

X-AQS web client

Our X-AQS web client is another option available to you. It can be accessed through all current internet browsers that use the latest HTML5 technology.  No programs or files need to be installed on the local computer. This web client is a so-called zero data footprint software client, which leaves no lasting trace. This X-AQS web client software is installed as a web based access to your standard X-AQS client system.

  • The medical image data can be accessed  from any  end device with internet access, including iMacs, iPads or other tablet PCs
  • Ideal for access from home offices, affiliate clinics, consultancy,  or operating rooms
  • Much more than just a viewer: it can also be used for generating orders and managing data related to animal patients and handlers.

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The actual product configuration depends on the equipment selected and may differ from country to country. The products and product equipment shown in this illustration may differ in individual details from the current delivery program. Subject to changes in the interest of technical progress and errors excepted.