Röntgengeräte für medizinische Notfälle von EXAMION

X-ray devices for medical emergencies

Digital X-ray for emergency medicine

In medical emergencies and crisis areas, parameters such as mobility, flexibility and reliability are particularly important for the successful performance of X-ray examinations.

EXAMION provides you with a product portfolio specifically designed to meet these requirements, consisting of stationary as well as mobile and portable emergency X-ray solutions. All X-ray devices are tested for use in special locations, such as small hospitals in remote regions, field or container hospitals, for installation in trucks or flexible outdoor use. Mobile X-ray systems enable you to perform efficient examinations and produce high-quality digital X-ray images in any environment and under any conceivable emergency conditions.

Our product portfolio for mobile emergency applications in human medicine

Space-saving static X-ray solution from EXAMION

Swivel bracket

As a compact, stationary X-ray system, the X-DRS Floor Z-Arm Manual is ideally suited for container hospitals or for installation in a truck.

Emergency X-ray solutions for mobile use

Mobile X-ray system

Our mobile X-ray systems are X-ray solutions for emergency medical care to ensure a quick and easy change of the place of action.

Portable X-ray solutions for emergency use

Portable X-ray systems

Thanks to the portable X-ray systems, you can flexibly change your location after a few X-ray exposures without much effort.

Portable X-ray cases

Carry your entire X-ray department in just one case or bag and still benefit from the completeness and versatility of a digital X-ray system.

CR retrofit solutions

Imaging plate systems are compact, robust and durable X-ray systems that are exceptionally well suited for mobile X-ray use in emergency medicine.

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X-AQS X-ray software

The intuitive user interface of our proprietary X-AQS X-ray software is purposefully designed to allow digital X-ray images to be taken in an emergency, even by untrained users.



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