Produktportfolio portable Röntgensysteme für die Notfallmedizin

Portable X-ray case – emergency medicine

Fast and mobile at the point of care

With the compact X-ray case from EXAMION, you can get to the patient quickly and with little and low-weight equipment in an emergency, even in remote, hard-to-reach areas. The main advantage of the X-ray devices is that they are not tied to a fixed location and can therefore be flexibly moved. Under certain circumstances, X-ray images can even be taken outdoors.

X-ray systems in a case for medical emergencies

X-DR Portable

  • In a case or in a lesser-weight carrying bag

Advantages of an X-ray case in emergency medicine

Flexible change of location

You can always carry the complete X-ray system with you which is quickly ready for use

Indoor and outdoor mobility

Adaptable to various external conditions and operational without direct power source

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