EXAMION Zentrale in Fellbach

Introducing ourselves

Partners for X-ray, digital systems, software and service for over 30 years

Our company

From a practice management software provider to a well-established radiography partner with a global sales and service network: EXAMION can already look back on a successful history. EXAMION’s extensive experience means that we are now one of the primary providers of digital radiography and medical imaging. With a close eye on the requirements of medical practices, healthcare centres and clinics, our mission for more than 30 years has been to provide future-oriented solutions in the areas of X-ray imaging, digital systems, software and service.
Our innovative X-AQS software controls our X-ray systems and manages viewing, diagnoses and archiving of all medical image data.
EXAMION currently services almost 7,000 systems. We constantly evaluate the needs of the individual market segments and steer our business activities to meet demand.
We support our customers from the planning process to project management through expert installation and a comprehensive service package.

Future orientation

EXAMION systems are fully integrated solutions of hardware and software components. Our hardware is particularly designed for durability. Our internal EXAMION X-AQS radiography software is continuously developed. This allows us to keep pace with the ongoing developments in IT technology and gives you the promise that our regularly updated software will continue to run smoothly and securely on future generations of computers.


Customer proximity

In line with the “one-stop portfolio” principle, EXAMION has a nationwide network of its own sales and service staff throughout Germany. In sales, we offer you a personal contact for all your concerns. If you require a service, we always find the best possible options from prompt technician availability and the shortest possible journey. Internationally we work with our own subsidiaries and selected sales and service partners.


Short distances within the company mean that development, sales and service are closely interlinked. Direct lines to customers allow their requirements to flow directly into development. We use this to develop solutions that combine an ever-increasing number of functions with fast and intuitive operation. We are pioneers in breaking through existing limitations of various products and combining their previously independent functions in a single unit. One example of this is the EXAMION X-AQS software, which combines image acquisition and image archiving in a uniform, modular concept.

Quality awareness

EXAMION commits to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our company boasts a quality management system according to ISO 13485. This standard particularly focuses on the design and production of medical devices. The processes based on this are continuously monitored by internal and external audits. A core process is the standardised assembly of our products and subsequent comprehensive quality controls.

You can keep an eye on your investment costs:

EXAMION radiology systems offer an optimum price-performance profile. With the wide range of systems available and the various configuration options, EXAMION customers only buy the components they really need. We are happy to advise you.