EXAMION Zentrale in Fellbach

Introducing ourselves

Partner for X-ray, digital systems, software and service for over 30 years

Our company

From a provider of practice management software to an experienced partner in radiography with a worldwide sales and service network: The story of EXAMION already has many successful chapters. With our long-standing experience EXAMION is the one-stop shop for digital X-ray and medical imaging in both human and veterinary medicine. With the requirements of medical practices, medical care centers and clinics always in mind, we have been committed to provide future-minded solutions in the areas of X-ray, digital systems, software and service for more than 30 years.

Our innovative X-AQS software not only serves as an operating and control unit for our X-ray systems but also includes viewing and evaluation as well as the archiving functions for all medical image data.

EXAMION currently services approximately 7,000 systems. We constantly evaluate the needs of the individual market segments and align our business activities accordingly.

We support our customers all the way, from planning and project management to expert installation and comprehensive service support.

With the future in mind

The EXAMION systems are fully integrated solutions comprising hardware and software components. When it comes to hardware, we place particular emphasis on durability. Our proprietary EXAMION X-AQS X-ray software is constantly being refined. As a result, we keep pace with continuous developments in IT technology and we can guarantee that you will be able to operate our regularly updated software easily and securely even on future generations of computers.



In accordance with our credo “everything from a single source”, EXAMION operates a nationwide, comprehensive network of its own sales and service representatives. A personal sales representative can be contacted for all matters (link to representatives). In case of service requests, we will always find the optimal solution with quick technician availability and the shortest possible travel time (link to service page). We work internationally with our own subsidiaries and selected sales and service partners.


Short distances within the company mean that development, sales and service are closely interlinked. Because we speak directly with our customers, their requirements can be incorporated directly into the development process. On this basis, we develop solutions in which an ever-increasing number of functions is combined with fast and intuitive operation. We are pioneers in eliminating existing boundaries of various products and in combining their previously independent functions in a single device. A good example is the EXAMION X-AQS software in which the tasks of image acquisition and image archiving are combined in a uniform, modular concept.

Quality awareness

EXAMION is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards (link to the QM page). Our company has a quality management system in accordance with ISO 13485. This standard is particularly intended for the design and manufacture of medical devices. Our processes based on this standard are constantly monitored through internal and external audits. A core process is the standardized assembly of our products followed by comprehensive quality controls.

Keeping an eye on your budget:

EXAMION X-ray systems offer superior value for money. Due to the wide range of systems and the various configuration options, EXAMION customers only purchase the components they really need. Please contact us for more details.