Unsere Serviceleistungen für Ihr digitales Röntgensystem

EXAMION services

Our service team is ready to be at your side for maintenance, repair and technical advice

Thanks to our large service team, we can offer long-term, constant support for your digital X-ray system. Our service is available nationwide for X-ray systems, imaging plate systems, detectors as well as software support. We are also at your side for subsequent digitization or replacement (of individual components as well as entire packages) of your X-ray system. EXAMION provides a large team of subject matter experts in Germany who are adept at using our digital X-ray solutions. This enables us to provide support quickly and regionally. Short travel times are reflected in service call charges.

Your advantages


More than 50 service technicians work for EXAMION nationwide. In this way, we ensure fast support.


Always near you: EXAMION has its own subsidiaries nationwide with its own service team. This means that there will be a personal representative to support you.

Efficient spare parts logistics

Due to our own storage capacities, we can ensure prompt and targeted supply of spare parts in the event of repairs.


Our well-trained employees are constantly trained on our products and undergo further training for the various systems.

Our services for your digital X-ray system

With a team of more than 50 technicians, the EXAMION service department is one of the largest in Germany. This way, if your X-ray system breaks down, someone will quickly be on-site.

Remote maintenance / remote diagnosis
We fix “software-related” faults immediately via web access, so that unnecessary loss of time due to the travel time of the technician can be avoided.

In-house repair of mobile X-ray devices
We repair mobile X-ray devices or transportable elements of your X-ray system (e.g., detectors or X-ray tubes in the veterinary sector) at the company headquarters where special equipment is available to our technicians and the environmental conditions are ideal for component recovery. In exceptional cases, this also applies to CR devices

Equipment on loan for in-house repair
In case of in-house repairs, you have the possibility to borrow equipment from us for the duration of the repair. This allows you to continuously perform X-rays directly without downtime.

Preventive maintenance
Preventive maintenance of your X-ray system will help you avoid unpredictable failures. With this service, we ensure trouble-free operation and the best possible functionality of your X-ray system.

Metrological and safety checks in accordance with the Medical Device Directive (Medizinproduktebetreiberverordnung, MPBetreibV)
We can support you in complying with the operator obligations according to the Medical Device Directive: For example, the dose area product meter must be checked every 5 years. When you sign a service contract, we even offer you an scheduling reminder service for this.

Consistency tests
Our technicians perform constancy tests according to existing legal regulations and are at your side with explanations as well as recommendations in case of any questions. In this way, we ensure legal certainty for you, and the requirements of the Medical Board are met. When you sign a service contract, we even offer you an scheduling reminder service for this.

Compilation of the documents for examination by the medical authority
We will assist you in compiling the necessary documents for the review process of the medical authority. This ensures legal certainty and saves you from inquiries/requests for documentation and inconveniences.

Software maintenance contracts
With a software maintenance contract, you benefit from the continuous further development of our X-ray software X-AQS. You will receive regular updates so that your software is always state of the art.

Operating maintenance contracts
These contracts include regular preventive maintenance to optimize the reliability and quality of your X-ray system, including delivery and installation of any maintenance kits. Support via the EXAMION helpdesk is also included. When you enter into this agreement, we will ensure proper operation of your digital X-ray system.

Full service contracts
Full service package for your digital X-ray system (DR or CR) including support via the EXAMION helpdesk. This includes maintenance, possible repairs and subsequent documentation and testing of the system.

Whether you need spare parts or a complete digital X-ray system upgrade, our representatives will advise you competently and in accordance with your requirements.

Instruction and training of the operating personnel
Our service goes beyond the mere installation of your X-ray system. Through comprehensive briefings and detailed training, we ensure that the operating personnel can handle the X-ray system perfectly.

Installation planning
A great deal of know-how is required for professional X-ray room planning: The EXAMION experts will provide you with expert support and individual installation planning and implementation.

Precautions for radiation protection
In order to be able to X-ray in accordance with the legal requirements, radiation protection must be observed meticulously. This is of utmost importance for your employees as well as patients. We will support you in this as well.

Image import from old database
Most of the time, the image import from an old database is possible. We are at your disposal for this as well.

Safety for you

X-ray systems as medical technology products are subject to high quality standards and their approval is highly regulated. This ensures a necessary, high level of safety for you, your employees as well as your patients. It goes without saying that our digital X-ray devices meet these high-quality standards. With our expert service, we make sure it stays that way for a long time.

Sustainability means protection for X-ray system investments

An X-ray system consists of sophisticated technology that costs a lot of money to purchase. Therefore, it is often worthwhile to replace individual components instead of directly purchasing an entirely new system. This principle still applies, even now with the Medical Device Regulation being in force since May 2021. However, the legal basis for replacement has become much more complicated because the manufacturer must ensure the safety of the overall system. Replacing individual components can counteract this; after all, you are changing the overall system. EXAMION certifies its own X-ray systems and guarantees the safety of individual elements. Therefore, we can assist you to exchange a defective component at any time and we guarantee that you can upgrade your X-ray system to an all-in-one digital system at a later date. This means protection of your purchase investment.

In addition, replacement often makes sense not only economically, but also ecologically. Spare parts or replacement components can often be manufactured and transported with less resource input. In addition, installation and commissioning is faster, so you can quickly resume X-ray operations.