Platzsparende Schwenkbügelsysteme für MVZ und Praxisverbund

Compact swivel bracket systems

For X-ray imaging in sitting, upright or recumbent position

X-ray systems with swivel brackets require extremely little space and, despite this, enable all common applications of digital X-ray. Our X-DRS Floor U-Arm and Z-Arm systems are a suitable choice, especially if there are different requirements for the X-ray system in a medical care center or practice network. Patient positioning for X-ray exposures in the upright position is particularly easy, as the X-ray tube and bucky tray can be brought to the correct height at the same time. For imaging of the recumbent patient, the swivel arm is combined with an X-ray table.

Since the X-ray devices only have a single bucky tray, the X-ray detector does not have to be removed. The risk of a discharged battery or device damage is reduced to the minimum.

The user also benefits from economic acquisition and maintenance costs as only one detector is required for the X-ray operation of the swivel bracket system.

Swivel bracket systems – Mechanical and motorised movement

X-DRS Floor U-Arm

  • Small footprint
  • Convenient operation and positioning
  • Operation with only one detector

X-DRS Floor U-Arm Manual

  • Purely mechanical design
  • Reliable
  • Quick change between acquisitions of the recumbent patient and the patient in upright position

X-DRS Floor Z-Arm

  • Comfortable operation
  • Positioning with a simple key stroke
  • Particularly suitable for frequent inclined acquisition

Advantages of an X-ray device with swivel bracket

Low purchase costs

A low-cost option for an X-ray device that can be used for a wide range of examinations

Suitable for various disciplines

Flexible examination options for various radiological emphases

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