Deckengeführte Röntgenanlagen für MVZ und Praxisverbund

Ceiling-mounted X-ray systems – Medical care centres

For X-ray imaging of recumbent patients

With our ceiling-mounted X-ray systems you benefit from hospital standard X-ray systems in your medical care centre or group practice. They can also be used to acquire radiological images of recumbent immobile patients for a wide range of examinations.

In addition to their high-quality technical specifications, X-DRS Ceiling X-ray systems offer state-of-the-art technology and robust design. The systems provide consistent performance with little maintenance required.

For low numbers of patients, the X-ray system can be operated with just one detector to acquire digital X-ray images. Otherwise, up to four detectors can be connected as required.

X-ray systems with ceiling mount

X-DRS Ceiling Standard

  • Various tracking functions
  • Low life-cycle costs
  • Stitching possible

X-DRS Ceiling Automatic

  • For high patient volumes
  • Available with stitching function

Advantages of EXAMION ceiling-mounted X-ray systems

Complete range of X-ray images

For a full assessment and to avoid patient referral

Various tracking functions

Support of the X-ray staff in correct positioning and elimination of manual tasks

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