Portable X-ray devices – emergency medicine

Fast and mobile at the point of care

In most cases, portable X-ray devices are used under extreme conditions, for example after environmental disasters, in crisis areas or for military aid missions. EXAMION products are diverse and proven X-ray solutions that work reliably in any environments and conditions. Your workflows remain as straight-forward and efficient as possible.

Our entire product portfolio for portable X-ray devices is available in two main types: Either individually as a high-quality X-ray device, or as a fully-integrated digital X-ray system composed of hardware and software solutions.

Portable X-ray devices for medical emergencies

X-DRS Portable 4/8 kW

  • Portable X-ray system with collapsible stand

X-DRS Portable 100 PK

  • Portable X-ray device as a system or individually

Advantages of a portable X-ray device in emergency medicine

Affordable purchase costs

High-quality, reliable X-ray technology at an affordable price

Various applications

Also suitable for adverse conditions and hard-to-reach locations

Flexible equipment versions

Available as an All-In-One digital X-ray system or as individual hardware components


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