DR retrofit solutions – Hospitals

Detector technology for digitizing analog X-ray systems

With the X-DR retrofit solutions from EXAMION, you are opting for the fastest route to an X-ray image. You can take X-rays without any additional image development steps and have the digital X-ray image available on the PC immediately after it has been acquired. This saves time and also ensures that X-ray examinations hardly ever have to be repeated. This increases acceptance among your patients and also reduces radiation exposure of each individual patient.

Thanks to the X-AQS X-ray software, you not only benefit from excellent image processing and therefore very high image quality; you also have all relevant image information visible with one click. The universal software platform is intuitive to use and makes routine work easier.

The retrofit solutions from EXAMION offer the major advantage that stationary, mobile as well as portable X-ray systems can be equipped with the X-ray detectors. For mobile applications, you simply carry the detector for the X-ray images with you. A compact notebook or tablet PC is used as the acquisition console.

EXAMION X-ray detectors are available in different variants, can be combined with each other and thus easily cover all requirements. In the case of stationary X-ray systems with two bucky trays – usually one at the X-ray table and the other one at the wall unit – there are various options available:

  • One X-ray detector is operated alternately in each bucky
  • In case of a two-detector solution, both, bucky table and wall-mounted device, are equipped with their own detector. Thus, a time-consuming detector exchange between tabletop and wall-mounted device is no longer necessary.
  • Usually, for limb exposures and special positioning techniques, the X-ray detector in the table's bucky tray is used. As a particularly high-quality equipment variant, however, it is also possible to connect a third detector to the system to acquire X-ray images of this kind.

DR retrofit solutions from EXAMION

X-DR L und XL WiFi

  • Two formats that can cover almost every application
  • With battery and corded

X-DR L und XL WiFi Premium

  • Premium image quality and features
  • Versatile application


  • Ideal for X-raying extremities
  • Three-detector solution

Advantages of digital X-ray in hospitals

Different variants available

Many different applications covered

Stationary, mobile and portable

Stationary and mobile use of the detectors or in combination with a portable X-ray system

Easy retrofitting

No complicated reconstruction measures necessary

Digital X-ray = increase in image quality

Visibly improved image quality in case of digital X-ray images

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