Mobile DR-Röntgensysteme für die Pferdepraxis

Portable X-ray case – equine practice

X-ray system with detector for mobile equine applications

A mobile X-ray system is ideal for professional outdoor X-ray examinations of equine practitioners. The X-ray systems are extremely compact and ready for use in a very short time.

In these portable case solutions, all components can be stowed comfortably: The two most essential parts – the detector and the laptop – are complemented by required accessories such as batteries and charger.

Our X-ray software can be operated with as few clicks as possible; everything is optimally designed for mobile X-ray examinations on horses:

  • Special workflow for examinations on the horse. No inputs have to be made on the laptop between the individual acquisitions. You can stay focused on the horse and receive visual and acoustic signals when the system is ready – after only a few seconds – for the next exposure.
  • Horse-specific organ programs with optimal organ image processing with just one click.
  • Express buttons that generate complete examination lists of all desired organs with just one click, for example, for purchase examinations

Our case solutions are ideally complemented by a battery-powered portable X-ray device.

X-ray case for mobile equine X-ray

X-DR Portable Case L

  • Detector format: 35 cm x 43 cm
  • Also suitable for small animals

X-DR Portable Case M DT

  • Detector format 24 cm x 30 cm
  • Especially for equine X-ray examinations

As a fully integrated solution, our proprietary X-AQS software is able to provide not only image acquisition on the laptop, but also all other required functions through one common interface:

  • Easy image evaluation and viewing via our full-featured radiology viewer with evaluation tools and measurement functions
  • Integrated image archiving: Access to all archived images directly on the laptop
  • Sharing X-ray images with customers and colleagues via the integrated cloud function

The laptopcan be operated either with a click or gesture on the multi-touch monitor, via keyboard or via touchpad.

Advantages of a mobile X-ray device for equine use

Easy to use

Ready for use in a few seconds and quick operation without a complex procedure

Compact X-ray system

Detector and laptop communicate directly with each other for creating an all-in-one mobile X-ray system

Automatic exposure detection

Automatic X-ray detection and acquisition of the X-ray image without any further external signal

High-quality radiographs

Superior quality radiological images thanks to advanced cesium scintillator technology and sophisticated EXAMION image processing

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