Nachrüstlösungen für digitales Röntgen in der Kleintierpraxis

DR retrofit solutions – small animal practices

X-ray detectors for retrofitting existing X-ray systems

Upgrade your existing X-ray system to a directly digital X-ray system: This extends your service offer for pet owners and make routine work easier.

In veterinary medicine, the need to provide complete and comfortable animal care is constantly increasing. This is mainly due to the fact that pets are given a higher priority among your customers. This makes it all the more important to have the right technology for reliable diagnoses in veterinary practices. You can therefore easily upgrade your existing X-ray system with an EXAMION detector to get state-of-the-art X-ray technology. DR retrofit solutions consist of just two elements, detector and X-ray software, but will provide you with a high level of improvement.

The evaluation of digital X-ray images, and thus the diagnosis, is more reliable and, above all, faster, since intermediate steps that are necessary for conventional X-ray are eliminated. This gain of time is worth a lot in critical situations, such as in the case of a sick animal: The owner can be given certainty more quickly and also the animal can be removed from the examination table more quickly.

EXAMION retrofit solutions for digital X-ray

X-DR L and XL WiFi

  • Bestsellers
  • Flexible use
  • Well suited for stationary small animal X-ray systems

X-DR L and XL WiFi Premium

  • Two detector formats
  • Top quality X-ray images

Advantages of a DR retrofit solution for small animal practitioners

Time saving

Intermediate steps are eliminated during X-ray acquisition but also, thanks to X-AQS, in patient data management.

Full integration possible

Hardware and software components are optimally matched and the X-AQS X-ray software can be integrated into the existing IT system

No spatial modification required

Installation of the detector and implementation of the X-ray software do not require complex spatial modification of the veterinary practice

Gaining space in your practice

Large CR devices can be omitted, the X-ray detector does not take up any additional space

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