Digital X-ray systems with floor mounting by EXAMION

Floor-mounted X-ray systems

For X-ray examinations in radiology departments

Our table/wall X-ray systems are primarily used in rehabilitation clinics and larger radiology centers. If patients are sufficiently mobile, the systems are able to acquire the usual range of radiological images.

Depending on requirements, up to four detectors can be connected to these X-ray systems. Normally they are equipped with two detectors, with one being integrated in the bucky tray of the X-ray table and the other one in the bucky of the wall unit. This means that the system is always ready for use and you don't have to worry about charging the battery. The risk of damage is significantly reduced since the X-ray detector does not need to be moved.

Floor-mounted X-ray system for lower volumes of X-ray exams

X-DRS Floor Standard E

  • Adjustable height X-ray table
  • State-of-the-art X-ray technology for efficient workflow

Advantages of a table-wall X-ray system

Efficient operation

An intuitive user interface and technical support help in avoiding operating errors by the X-ray staff

Fast delivery capability

Available without a long lead time, you are able to get started within a short time

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