DR retrofit solutions – medical care centers

X-ray detectors for the digitization of X-ray technology

Does your medical care center or practice network already have facilities to perform X-ray examinations? But is the existing equipment already quite outdated? Simply update your existing X-ray system with the DR retrofit solutions from EXAMION. In this way, you can extend the service life of your X-ray equipment and at the same time benefit from advanced digital X-ray technology.

For you, this means an improvement of the quality of every single X-ray image. By this, the foundation on which your diagnosis is based will be improved, ensuring more effectivity and reliability for your patients.

Digital X-ray acquisition with EXAMION detectors together with customised X-AQS X-ray software will also save you time. The X-ray software, configured according to your needs, can be fully integrated into the IT system of the medical care centre. You benefit from seamless integration with your practice management system, even if different operators are working at different locations. This makes routine tasks easier for operators and saves time when searching for patient data and the associated X-ray images.

DR retrofit solutions also offer low maintenance costs, so that in many cases the modernisation of your existing X-ray system could pay for itself very quickly. Please contact us for more information about services available for your group practice network (link to Service).

  • Fast and simple retrofitting for existing X-ray systems
  • Take advantage of the benefits of digital X-ray systems in your medical care centre
  • Uniform software across the practice network
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Digital detector systems for retrofitting X-ray systems

X-DR L und XL WiFi

  • Superior value for money
  • Standardised X-ray equipment

X-DR L und XL WiFi Premium

  • Outstanding quality of X-ray images
  • State of the art technology

Advantages of a retrofit solution with detector technology

Retrofitting of most X-ray systems

Most existing X-ray systems on the market can be updated

Optimised hardware and software

EXAMION hardware and software are optimally matched to each other

Increased image quality

The quality of digital X-ray images exceeds conventional X-ray technology by far

Efficient workflows

Directly visible X-ray image: X-ray without further image development steps

Protect yourself now with the EXAMION detector damage protection!

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