Röntgensoftware X-AQS von EXAMION – Humanmedizin

X-AQS - Human medicine

Radiological imaging software for acquisition, archiving and evaluation

  • Acquisition
    Control of DR and CR systems, generators and peripherals
  • PACS
    Archiving of all medical image data
  • Viewer
    Editing and diagnosis

Standardized user interface for all modules; self-explanatory icons and simple menu structure


Designed with the future in mind

Continuous further development; expanding system



Customizable to your needs; perfectly matched modules




  • Entry of patient data or transfer from the patient data management system
  • Body region selection
  • Selection of the desired X-ray images from configurable organ lists
  • Work list generation
  • Adoption of the procedure codes from the patient data management system


  • State-of-the-art image processing
  • Graphic positioning aid
  • Suggestion of exposure values
  • Transfer of the values to the electronic X-ray journal
  • Control of EXAMION X-ray generators

Certified diagnostic viewer at the primary processing station including measuring tools

  • Rotation, mirroring functions, optimization of brightness and contrast
  • Comprehensive measurement functions
  • Printing and image export

A holistic solution for reliable diagnostics: Image acquisition, archiving and viewing can be combined and configured as required


Automatic and manual stitching

  • Automatic stitching using markers and a pencil ruler
  • Different tools for safe arrangement of the individual images
  • Differentiation image display in the overlapping area

Integration of other image sources

Recording of video signals

  • Sonography
  • Endoscopy
  • Photo and video cameras
  • Cutting function for moving images


  • Import of X-ray, CT and MRI data via CD and USB stick
  • Import of any image files
  • Import of PDF files
  • Consistent operation even with different image sources



  • Scalable archive based on Windows or Linux
  • Unlimited number of image files


  • between different locations
  • between mobile and stationary archives


  • External backup, e.g., on optical data carriers
  • Server mirroring


X-ray images

  • Presentation ready for diagnostic evaluation
  • Extensive editing functions and diagnostic tools
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Supports touchscreen operation

Photo, video and documents

  • Display of single images and image series
  • Page by page documents display
  • Playback of video files

Measurement functions

  • Basic measurement functions such as distance and circumference
  • Guided measurement functions such as Cobb, Ulmann-Sharp and Wiberg angles, infant hip...


  • Switching between different hanging protocols

Sectional view method

  • Numerous variants for displaying sectional lines
  • Procedures for navigating the sections
  • Configurable display of scouts and localizers
  • Multiplanar reconstruction

X-AQS Webclient


In addition to the native client which requires a prior fixed installation on a Windows computer, you can also use our X-AQS web client. Access takes place via all current browsers using the latest HTML5 technology; no program files have to be installed on the local computer. The web client is a zero-footprint client leaving no permanent traces.

  • Look & feel identical to the previous native client, no training required
  • Access to image data from any web-enabled end device, such as iMac, iPad and other tablet PCs
  • Ideally suitable for access from home offices, from affiliated clinics and from the OR
  • More than one viewer for viewing and editing images: it also enables the placing of orders and the management of patient data, as applicable



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