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Our satisfied customers

Clinic for Radiology, St. Josefs Hospital Salzkotten

Client since 2023

Dr. Reiner Oelke, Senior Physician of Radiology, and his team are enthusiastic about the all-round improvements provided by the new, digital Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus X-ray system.

St. Josefs-Krankenhaus Salzkotten is pleased with its new X-ray system, the Carestream DRX-Evolution Plus. Now the X-ray process in radiology is completely digital, which brings benefits for everyone: minimal radiation exposure increases safety, the usability and flexibility of the system simplifies image acquisition, the automated data processing reduces workload, and modern technology ensures best image quality. The clinic creates around 100 X-rays each day, therefore the improvements have been noticed by everyone since day one. 

"The modern technology speeds up radiodiagnostics, while shortening waiting times for patients. Radiation exposure is reduced to the minimum now, which further increases patients' safety."

radiomed, joint practice for radiology and nuclear medicine

Customer since 2021

Since November 2021, radiomed, a group practice for radiology and nuclear medicine with several locations in the Rhine-Main metropolitan area, has been a satisfied customer of EXAMION.

For radiomet – being an association of modern and innovative group practices – reliable and up-to-date X-ray technology is of utmost importance. And we are pleased to be part of it! We have equipped three of these locations with X-ray systems and one location with a retrofit system from us.

The X-ray systems were gradually installed by our service team in an uncomplicated and competent manner, so that all four locations were able to successfully put them into operation:

  •     One X-DRS Ceiling Standard and one X-DRS Mobile 320.
  •     One X-DRS Floor Standard E with three detectors
  •     One X-DRS Standard E with two detectors
  •     Two X-DR Retrofit systems as upgrade from CR to DR technology

In the meantime, all practice teams at the Wiesbaden Asklepios Paulinenklinik, Wiesbaden Friedrichstraße, Taunusstein and Bad Schwalbach locations are working well and happily with the respective EXAMION products.

“The service team did a great job: The installations ran smoothly, our responsible medical radiographers were pleased with the in-depth and prudent support, and the X-AQS X-ray software was adjusted to our individual needs. In addition, the telephone support since has always been readily available and has been able to provide competent and goal-oriented assistance with all questions,” said Dr. Ahlers.

The various X-ray systems are perfectly suited for their purposes and the practice teams can work efficiently and without any problems. Accordingly, the practice at its Wiesbaden Friedrichstrasse headquarters reports that the floor-mounted X-DRS Standard E, with its motorized equipment, is a noticeable relief for the X-ray staff and regular radiological examinations can be completed quickly and without problems. The X-DRS Ceiling Standard has brought the Wiesbaden Asklepios Paulinenklinik up to date with the latest X-ray technology; it can be used not only for regular X-ray examinations but also for examinations with special images. And the Bad Schwalbach site has also been receiving significantly better and faster radiological results since the transition from CR technology to digital X-ray.

We look forward to continuing our trusted and long-standing cooperation.

Center for Outpatient Paediatric Surgery Heidelberg

Dr. med. Hans-Peter Hohl, specialist for paediatric surgery / surgical specialist

For more than two years now, Dr. med. Hans-Peter Hohl has been using digital technology from EXAMION for his X-ray diagnostics and has been very satisfied ever since. This does not only apply to the actual diagnostic procedure, which is much more precise and convenient for the practice staff thanks to the digital technology, but Dr. Hohl would also like to emphasize the support provided by EXAMION:

“Whether it is about constancy testing or maintenance but also for support in questions of quality assurance in connection with the medical office: You can always be relied upon, for which I am very thankful. The decisive factor in my decision-making process at the time was the comprehensive and detailed advice provided by Mr. Sivrikaya."
"In retrospect, I should have chosen EXAMION much earlier, thank you for the cooperation!"

Schmidt & Biró - Die Orthopäden

Client since 2015

We are excited that the orthopaedic practice Schmidt & Biró in Höchst is among our long-standing customers. It has existed in its current form since January 2019. Previously, the practice was already managed solely by Dr. Schmidt, who had been able to take it over from his predecessor. In 2015, extensive renovation work was carried out on the practice premises, in the course of which the partnership between the practice and EXAMION also came about.

First, we switched the practice to digital X-ray by replacing the then existing imaging plate system by an EXAMION X-DR retrofit solution. Somewhat later, to complete the solution, a new floor-guided X-ray system with bucky table and wall-mounted unit, also including another X-ray detector in XL format, followed. Accordingly, the practice team has now been working happily with a fully digital two-detector X-ray solution for several years.

In particular, the transition from an imaging plate system to DR technology and the intuitively operated X-ray software have significantly improved the examination procedures in the Schmidt & Biró orthopaedic practice. The fully digital X-ray saves additional work steps and the transition was possible for the users without much effort. Particularly convenient: thanks to the two detectors, the X-ray system is always ready for immediate use, even if the X-ray images are different, as there is no need to exchange detectors between the two bucky drawers on the table and on the wall unit.

“Digital X-rays enable optimal examination results with minimal radiation exposure. In combination with the X-ray software, the operation is uncomplicated and quick for my qualified staff to perform,” said Dr. Schmidt.

“The EXAMION staff reliably planned as well as installed my X-ray system according to my needs at that time and are still available as competent contact persons for me and my practice staff if something should ever not work as usual.”