X-AI Integrator

The artificial intelligence platform for your X-ray system

Artificial intelligence in your veterinary practice

The X-AI Integrator is the unique option in the EXAMION X-AQS X-ray software to transfer your X-ray images to an artificial intelligence for analysis. The analysis is intuitively integrated into your workflow.

This connected artificial intelligence provides you with a second opinion at any time - even in the evening and at weekends - at the touch of a button. This makes your work easier and you won't want to do without it. Artificial intelligence also helps you to maintain a comprehensive perspective when making a diagnosis and to pay attention to all abnormalities.

EXAMION has integrated the artificial intelligence of the renowned manufacturer PicoxIA via the X-AI Integrator. PicoxIA is the diagnostic software developed specifically for veterinary medicine and the only one that has been evaluated in scientific studies. PicoxIA can currently be used to analyze X-ray images of dogs and cats. Expansion to other animal species is planned.

Integration with PicoxIA

The X-AI Integrator is seamlessly integrated into the EXAMION X-AQS software. With just one click, you can continue to use your usual software for reporting. Both software programs are intuitive to use.


Structured analysis

PicoxAI analyzes the image data of your X-ray images in a detailed, structured and objective manner. In addition, the software is objective of a suspected diagnosis and looks at all features without bias.



Thanks to the rapid analysis capability of the artificial intelligence, you receive the result after just 10-20 seconds.


Probability calculation

For each lesion, the software indicates the percentage of comparable data that was positive. To simplify detection, the probabilities are color-coded.


The artificial intelligence automatically generates a detailed report that you can process further, share with colleagues or make available to the animal owner.


PicoxAI provides you with reliable support for the most common issues in your small animal practice



  • 13 recognisable lesions
  • 3 suggestions for differential diagnosis
  • Automatic calculation of kidney size


  • 16 recognisable lesions
  • 4 suggestions for differential diagnosis
  • Automatic VHS determination


  • 5 detectable lesions
  • Automated Norberg-Olsson angle calculation


From and for vets

PicoxIA was developed to meet the daily challenges faced in practice. The algorithm is constantly being optimized by an interdisciplinary team of veterinarians and software specialists.

Consistent further development

That is our requirement. The current range of functions is only the status quo of X-AI.

Continuous validation

External review and validation by experts is extremely important in the development of PicoxIA. In order to create transparency and demonstrate the reliability of the algorithms, study results on PicoxIA have been repeatedly published in specialist journals.

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