Knowledge contributions from our expert staff

At EXAMION, experts from various disciplines and departments – e.g., technology, sales or product development – deal with all topics relating to digital X-ray and medical image processing. Here, our expert staff is given the opportunity to explain industry-specific terminology and present interesting information.


New partnership for a diverse range of products

An innovative partnership will enable us to offer an even broader range of products to our customers in the future: EXAMION GmbH partners with…

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Radiation protection during X-ray – which requirements apply to X-ray examinations today?

How is it ensured today that X-ray examinations no longer pose a health risk? What are the requirements?

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EXAMION Poland supports Ukrainian hospitals and doctors

The German parent company EXAMION Fellbach supports dedicated subsidiary and sends ventilators to crisis area in Ukraine.

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The efficient and safe diagnostic tool thanks to effective X-ray software

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What can an X-ray software offer?

X-ray software as an all-rounder: From the generation of X-ray images to evaluation and archiving

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Is the sky disc real?

The Nebra Sky Disk was X-rayed with a device from Fellbach.

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[Translate to English:] EXAMION-Partner für digitales Röntgen, Zentrale Fellbach

Ancient find x-rayed

The Nebra Sky Disc is considered one of the most important archaeological finds of the past century. EXAMION was allowed to x-ray it.

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[Translate to English:] EXAMION digitaler Detektor röntgt Himmelsscheibe von Nebra