Technological information from our expert staff

At EXAMION, experts from various disciplines and departments, in technology, sales and product development, handle all of the topics related to digital X-ray and medical image processing. Here we would like to let our expert employees have their say, so they can explain a few industry-specific terms in plainer language as well as some information worth knowing.


Installation planning: Requirements for a new X-ray system

Are you looking to purchase a new X-ray system? Click here to see what factors you might need to take into account to find the system that’s right for…

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Installation planning: Digitising an existing X-ray installation

What do you need to consider before retrofitting an existing X-ray installation? We’ve summarised the most important aspects for you.

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Digital X-rays in lameness diagnostics

X-ray exams are particularly useful when diagnosing the root cause of lameness in a horse, especially when bone-cartilage damage is suspected. X-rays…

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Radiation protection during X-rays – what applies in the case of X-ray examinations today?

What steps are taken to ensure that X-ray examinations no longer pose a health risk today? What are the requirements?

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X-rays: an efficient and safe diagnostic tool thanks to effective X-ray software

X-rays can effectively verify medical diagnoses when X-ray software exposure parameters are properly matched to the organ and the tissue type.

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What can X-ray software offer?

X-ray software completes an all-round X-ray solution: From the generation of X-ray images to evaluation and archiving

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