Digitale Röntgensysteme von EXAMION für Krankenhaus und Radiologie

X-ray systems for hospitals

Digital X-ray for maximum radiological needs

Our X-ray systems are specifically tailored to X-ray diagnostic needs in hospitals: Benefit from more efficient workflows and reliable performance thanks to state-of-the-art X-ray technology. The X-ray systems provide robust design and sufficient power reserves any time for a smooth workflow.

Our expert service team is as reliable and efficient as our X-ray technology. It is represented throughout Germany and therefore always within reach. Thus, we can guarantee fast installation as well as regular X-ray maintenance for prevention of prolonged disruptions or service-related downtimes in the clinic. With EXAMION X-ray systems you will continuously be able to work reliably and with superior quality.

Our product portfolio for hospitals

[Translate to English:] Deckenstativ-Röntgensysteme von EXAMION

Ceiling-guided X-ray systems

EXAMION's ceiling-guided X-ray systems allow acquisition of X-ray images with virtually every positioning options.

[Translate to English:] Tisch-Wand-Systeme von EXAMION

Floor-guided X-ray systems

The table-wall systems are perfectly suited for all routine X-ray examinations in small hospitals or rehabilitation clinics.

[Translate to English:] Kompakte und schwenkbare Röntgensysteme von EXAMION

Swivel bracket systems

The compact X-ray systems can be used specifically to treat emergency and intensive care patients who need to be examined in recumbent position.

[Translate to English:] EXAMION Detektoren zum digitalen Röntgen

DR retrofit solutions

The EXAMION flat-panel detectors are intended for easy digitalization of X-ray systems to generate high-quality X-ray images with little expenditure of time and manpower.

[Translate to English:] Mobile Röntgensysteme von EXAMION

Mobile X-ray systems

Our mobile X-ray systems facilitate the acquisition of X-ray images directly at the hospital point of care.

[Translate to English:] Mammographie Portfolio für Krankenhaus und Radiologie


EXAMION offers a complete range of imaging techniques in mammography as well as innovative systems.

[Translate to English:] Portfolio für die Röntgentherapie und Strahlentherapie

X-ray and radiation therapy

Our product portfolio includes devices for surface, semi-deep and deep therapy.

Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

Digital X-ray with the EXAMION image generation software: Parts of X-AQS can also be integrated into your existing infrastructure for radiological imaging.

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