Umfassender, regionaler Service für Ihr digitales Röntgensystem



Comprehensive, regional service for your digital radiography system

Service Hotline

Give us a call if you have a question or need some help

Carestream Service by EXAMION

Everything from private radiology practices to large hospitals and university clinics


Our service team is a one-stop shop for maintenance, repairs and advice

The advantages


EXAMION has a team of over 50 service technicians in Germany. No matter where you are, we can provide rapid support.


Regional focus

Always by your side. EXAMION has a network of local offices and its own service team in germany. That means you will always be supported by the same people.



We regularly train our highly qualified workforce about our products and ensure that they are familiar with all the various systems.


Efficient spare parts service

We have the storage capacity to make sure that any spare parts required for repairs are available quickly.