30-jährige Historie der Firma EXAMION

Corporate development

Important milestones in the last 30 years

30 years of EXAMION — the highlights since 1989

EXAMION started under the name of Arzt & Praxis GmbH which was founded in 1989 and initially entered the market with the medical practice management software ‘Medibit’. By 1992, a digital X-ray system had been launched, and during the 1990s, further products were developed and the first CR systems were made available on the market. 

Ten years after the company’s foundation, Bernd Schleicher took up his place in the management alongside Andreas Oppermann, and at the beginning of the 2000s, existing collaborations with well-known manufacturers were extended and new collaborations began. In 2006, DIX-Ray Medical Imaging GmbH was founded in Munich. By then more than 500 CR systems had been installed. Shortly after this, the sale of the first DR retrofit system, developed in-house, represents another important milestone in the company's history.

DIX-Ray Poland was founded to expand sales channels internationally, and by 2012 more than 3,000 of our X-ray systems had been installed worldwide, 10% of which were DR systems. One year later, the Arzt & Praxis GmbH became EXAMION GmbH and we relocated to the new company headquarters in Fellbach. 

The group of companies continued to expand and the Swiss company Schenk Röntgenbedarf AG (2014), the Belgian company Vet X SPRL (2016) and the Kronberg-based company Electronic Medical GmbH (2017) became part of the EXAMION Group. In 2020 our company grew again due to the acquisition of the service branch of Carestream Health. For our customers, this means that there is always a representative nearby, nationwide and internationally. The approximately 7,000 systems that we currently service are mostly systems permanently installed in hospitals and medical practices, but some are also mobile devices.

Innovative partnership with Informatics Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG

Acquisition of technical service and customer care for Carestream X-ray systems

30 years of EXAMION

Continuous strategic development of the product portfolio

Integration of the Kronberg-based company Electronic Medical GmbH

Acquisition of Belgian company Vet X SPRL

Addition of other well-known manufacturers to the product portfolio

Acquisition of Swiss company Schenk Röntgenbedarf AG

Change of name to EXAMION GmbH

Relocation to the new company headquarters in Fellbach

Support for more than 3,000 X-ray systems worldwide

10 % of which are DR systems

Formation of DIX-Ray Poland

Sale of the first DR retrofit system

Formation of the DIX-Ray Medical Imaging GmbH in Munich

More than 500 CR systems installed

Expansion of cooperation with well-known manufacturers

Bernd Schleicher is announced as managing director together with Andreas Oppermann

Start of digital X-ray

Product development and launch of CR systems

Foundation of the company under the name of Arzt & Praxis GmbH

Market entry with Medibit