Produktportfolio Nachrüstsysteme mit Speicherfolie für die Veterinärmedizin

CR retrofit solutions – small animal practices

Imaging plate devices for digital X-ray

If your existing X-ray equipment is still working well but you want to benefit from digital X-ray technology, you can upgrade your equipment with an imaging plate system from EXAMION. Imaging plate systems, also called CR systems, complement your X-ray device with a digital image development unit. In combination with the associated X-ray software, our X-AQS, you benefit from a directly digital X-ray system.

Imaging plate systems work with cassettes in which the imaging plate is stored safely for X-raying. The dimensions of the imaging plate cassettes correspond to those of film cassettes, enabling easy switching from X-ray with film to digital X-ray. In addition, this kind of technology upgrade protects your staff who no longer have to handle harmful chemicals.

Imaging plate systems as retrofit solutions for small animal practices

X-CR Tabletop Highcap

  • Compact reading device
  • Suitable for all common X-ray systems
  • Inexpensive variant for digital X-ray

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