CR retrofit solutions – small animal practice

Imaging plate reader for digital X-ray

Want to take advantage of digital X-ray technology with your existing X-ray table. You can now upgrade your X-ray with a CR (Computed Radiology) system by EXAMION.

Imaging Plate (IP) systems, also known as CR systems, complete your X-ray table into a digital X-ray system. In combination with the accompanying X-AQS X-ray software, you benefit from a fully digital X-ray solution. CR systems work with cassettes in which the reusable IP plate is safely stored during the X-ray exposure. The dimensions of the cassettes correspond to those of film cassettes, making it easy to switch from X-ray with film to digital X-ray.

In addition, the digital x-ray upgrade frees up your darkroom space and avoids the harmful and expensive use and handling of chemicals.

CR systems as a cost-effective retrofit solution for the small animal practice

X-CR Tabletop Highcap

  • Compact and robust reading device
  • X-ray images with superior image quality
  • Suitable for upgrading your X-ray table system
  • Cost-effective variant of digital X-ray

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