Schwenkbügelsysteme von EXAMION für die Teilradiologie

Digital swivel bracket systems

Suitable for small X-ray rooms

Swivel bracket systems are among the most compact and space-saving X-ray systems. In radiology technologists’ practices, the equipment is very often used in small rooms with low ceiling heights.

The system is particularly easy to position for upright images, since the X-ray generator and bucky tray are coupled via the cross arm and can be synchronised at the desired height. Thanks to the hinged swivel bracket cross arm, both recumbent and upright images can be taken using a single bucky tray. Intermediate positions of the cross arm for angle image exposures can also be programmed.

An X-DRS Floor swivel bracket is the ideal solution for users in private practice who want to work with a single detector to optimise budget costs.

Swivel bracket systems for digital X-rays in small spaces

X-DRS Floor U-Arm

  • Especially designed for small X-ray rooms
  • Motorised operation
  • Advanced design

X-DRS Floor U-Arm Manual

  • Small-footprint design
  • Fast positioning of the X-ray system
  • Durable components

X-DRS Floor Z-Arm

  • Fully motorised system
  • Auto-positioning of the X-ray system
  • Stitching option

Advantages of an EXAMION swivel bracket system


X-ray emitter and bucky tray are directly linked for accurate centering

Customisable equipment configuration

Optional equipment versions allow for customised device configurations

Low risk of damage

The permanently integrated X-ray detector is optimally protected in the bucky tray



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