Speicherfoliensysteme für digitales Röntgen in der Veterinärmedizin

X-CR Tabletop

solutions with Retrofit imaging plates for veterinary medicine

X-CR Tabletop

EXAMION imaging plate systems offer a cost optimised pathway to digital X-rays. Unlike detectors that directly transfer the X-ray image to your control computer, imaging plate systems work in several steps. First, the imaging plate cassette is exposed using your X-ray system, then it is inserted into the imaging plate scanner and the imaging plate is automatically removed from the scanner and read out.

Imaging plates are suitable if the practice is not under excessive time pressure and thus the delay in producing the X-ray image caused by the more complex readout process is not an issue. This makes imaging plate scanners the ideal entry-level systems for digital X-rays.
The available scanner systems can handle approximately 60 cassettes per hour with a format of 35 cm x 43 cm. The time it takes to read out the imaging plate cassettes is balanced to a certain extent by the fact that, in addition to the 35 cm x 43 cm format, there are also smaller cassette formats where the readout process is completed slightly faster.

Our imaging plate scanners are tabletop units and are among the most compact in their class.

  • Can be easily combined with all existing X-ray systems for the preferred X-ray format 35 cm x 43 cm
  • Thanks to the (almost) identical X-AQS X-ray software, a switch can be made to detector technology without time-consuming training
  • Suitable for any practice where X-rays are occasionally taken.

X-CR Tabletop Highcap

The X-CR Tabletop Highcap is a tried-and-tested device to read out digital X-ray images. Once the imaging plates have been exposed by an X-ray system, the cassettes are read out by the scanner and the digital information from the X-ray image is transferred to the computer where the X-ray image can be confidently diagnosed.

  • Up to 73 cassettes per hour
  • Five cassette formats can be read: 18 x 24 cm, 15 x 30 cm, 24 x 30 cm, 28 x 35 cm, 35 x 35 cm, 35 x 43 cm


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Advantages of our X-CR Tabletop imaging plate systems

Easily combined

Can be easily integrated into existing X-ray systems


Imaging plates can be reused for a long time with reliable deletion of the X-ray images after they have been

Mobile X-rays

Can also be used in a mobile setting thanks to the relatively low weight

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Powered by X-AQS EXAMION radiography software

Our EXAMION X-AQS X-ray software has a special imaging plate scanner mode. Press the start button in the software to start the readout process.

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Questions and Answers

As a PACS manufacturer, we specialise in image management of radiological images. Our many years of experience in the X-ray business mean we can offer a one-stop portfolio, from consulting to planning and setup of the entire X-ray room through to image distribution. As such, our staff can provide the best information on our digital X-ray systems and give you appropriate upgrading advice, but also help you quickly and smoothly if there is a malfunction.

We cannot give a general answer without seeing the unit. Depending on the X-ray system, we are able to carry out maintenance and repairs or get an X-ray device up and running again. This has to be checked on an individual basis. Our staff are happy to help. Email us (vertrieb@examion.com) or contact your sales representative directly.

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