X-DRS Ceiling Automatic

Highly integrated ceiling-mounted X-ray system for your clinic

X-DRS Ceiling Automatic

Experience the convenience of digital X-rays with a highly integrated X-ray system. The ceiling-mounted EXAMION X-DRS Ceiling Automatic offers sophisticated auto-positioning options, making it a reliable all-round system for the generation of radiological images in clinical settings. Hospital users will benefit from the extra physical support and the corresponding reduction of manual effort.

When auto-positioning is activated, the X-ray system moves into the basic position considered optimal for the particular X-ray image. Only minor adjustments are required to accommodate each individual patient. This allows your X-ray staff to concentrate fully on patient-specific fine-tuning, while the system does most of the work entirely automatically. This not only reduces the risk of taking the wrong X-ray image, but also brings more efficiency to your workflow, resulting in significant time savings for you.

With the assurance of outstanding digital X-ray images, the X-DRS Ceiling Automatic is controlled by our EXAMION X-AQS X-ray software, via the integrated pre-programmed exam list.

  • Auto-positioning of the X-ray system according to system organ lists
  • Motorised tracking of the bucky tray along the tabletop, correctly centering all images, including angle shot exposures
  • Motorised tracking of the X-ray emitter when the table height changes, or when the bucky tray is transferred to a wall unit
  • Stitching function: Bucky movement automatically results in correct positioning for the required partial images

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Advantages of X-DRS Ceiling Automatic

Premium X-ray system

State-of-the-art technical equipment and functions meet the highest standards

Specifically designed for processing a large number of patients

Thanks to its comprehensive range of technical features, the need for manual manouevering of unwieldy equipment is largely eliminated

Low running costs

Minimal maintenance required, for operating cost savings

Comprehensive safety functions

The risk of accidental collision of patients or users with parts of the X-ray system is essentially prevented

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Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

The X-DRS Ceiling Automatic can be operated by our in-house software X-AQS for maximum efficiency and convenient X-ray processing.

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Questions and Answers

EXAMION will continue to stay a strong, reliable partner for the customers, even beyond the purchase process. We perform service, repair and maintenance of the X-ray system and carry out all required tests and measurements competently. Furthermore, we offer attractive financing models. Our sales representatives will be happy to advise you personally and according to your needs.

Yes, an image export of single images can be done in different ways by the users themselves. Available formats include jpg and DICOM. To export DICOM images, our X-AQS “Export Module” is required. This is usually part of the standard configuration of our X-ray software, so it should probably be installed on your system already as well. Depending on the configuration of the X-AQS software, the image data can also be stored on a specific path for further distribution or upload by cloud services. Please feel free to contact our representatives for more detailed information.

Yes, our experts are mostly able to accomplish this; however, we always have to check this individually. Therefore, you do not have to rely on the provider you want to switch from for the conversion.

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