Nachrüstlösungen für digitales Röntgen in der Kleintierpraxis

DR retrofit solutions – small animal practice

X-ray detectors for retrofitting existing X-ray systems

Upgrade your existing X-ray system to a direct digital X-ray system: This means that the quality of the services you provide to pet owners is significantly improved and the processing of your daily workflow becomes a lot easier.

In veterinary medicine, the competitive pressure to provide comprehensive animal care with maximum comfort is constantly increasing. This is mainly due to the growing importance of pets’ healthcare to owners. It is even more important to have the right technology for a reliable diagnosis in the veterinary practice. One can effortlessly upgrade the existing X-ray system with an EXAMION detector to access the benefits of the cutting-edge X-ray technology. DR retrofit solutions consist of only two elements, the detector, and the X-ray X-AQS software, however they will give you a very important upgrade of your system.

Digital X-ray images and thus the radiological diagnosis is more consistent and, especially nearer, because the intermediate steps of conventional X-ray image acquisition are eliminated. This improvement is worth a lot in traumatic and emergency situations, particularly with animals. Owners can be reassured, and the animal must spend less time on the examination table.

EXAMION retrofit solutions for digital X-ray

X-DR L and XL WiFi

  • Bestseller
  • Unparalleled flexibility
  • Low weight, easy handling
  • Allround for small animals

X-DR L and XL WiFi Premium

  • High resolution detector
  • Brilliant quality X-rays
  • Orthopedic, Pneumological and Cardiological Application

Advantages of a DR retrofit solution for small animal veterinary professionals


Intermediate steps are eliminated during X-ray capture and the integrated X-AQS software streamlines patient data management for more efficient workflow.

Full system integration

Hardware and software components are optimally harmonized, and the X-AQS X-ray software can be interfaced into the clinic's existing IT system

No special installation and/or setup required

Installing the detector and X-ray system software does not require complex conversions to the existing workspace in your practice

Optimization of the workspace in your practice

Cassette format X-ray detector frees up extra space

Protect yourself now with the EXAMION detector damage protection!

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