Akkubetriebene tragbare Röntgengeräte für den Pferdepraktiker

X-R Portable – Battery operated

Portable X-ray generators for your mobile veterinary practice

X-R Portable – Battery-powered X-ray generators

The EXAMION battery-powered X-R Portable X-ray generators are the most suitable portable X-ray generator for mobile radiological applications with horses and large animals

Low weight, high power with dual laser pointer and 8 memory keys makes this portable X-ray generator the perfect companion in your everyday all-round x-ray work.

  • Best ‘power-weight-price’ portable generator range
  • All-round equine X-raying
  • Small focal point for highest resolution imaging
  • On-board dual laser pointer and tape measure
  • High throughput x-raying
  • Robust housing and carrying case
  • Built-in bubble level
  • Battery operated

X-R Portable 20 BT

The X-R Portable 20 BT is the most compact X-ray generator in its range. With its sharp focus and low weight, it shows extreme stability in its high mobility around the horse, which improves overall image quality during high volume X-ray examinations.

X-R Portable 20 BT Plus

The all-round choice for continuous X-raying. Its best weight, power ratio makes this portable X-ray generator the perfect companion in your everyday all-round x-ray work.


X-R Portable 40 BT Plus

The X-R Portable 40 BT Plus is the perfect choice for optimum power in the portable range.

X-R Portable AirRay

The X-R Portable AirRay is with 5.3 kg the lightweight among the X-ray generators. The powerful battery allows up to 120 exposures per battery charge and can also be connected by cable.

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Advantages of the X-R Portable battery-powered X-ray generators


With its best power, sharp focus, and low weight, it allows extreme stability in its high mobility around the horse

Optimally designed for equine pre-purchase exams

Improving overall image quality and workflow during high volume X-ray examinations

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