Swivel bracket systems

For hospitals

In hospitals, swivel bracket systems are, among other things, well suited as a radiological supplementary unit in the shock room. They only require a small amount of space and patients do not need to be placed on a special X-ray table for examination.

The main advantage of digital All-In-One systems with a single bucky tray is that the X-ray detector usually does not have to be removed so that the X-ray system is quickly ready for use at any time.

Space-saving U-Arm and Z-Arm X-ray systems

X-DRS Floor U-Arm

  • Space-saving
  • Motorised
  • X-ray positioning at the push of a button

X-DRS Floor U-Arm Manual

  • Minimal training of personnel required
  • Robust design

X-DRS Floor Z-Arm

  • Fully motorised X-ray system
  • Available with stitching function

Advantages of an X-ray system with swivel bracket for radiologists

Variable acquisition techniques

In combination with a patient positioning table, imaging of the recumbent patient is possible in addition to imaging in an upright position under load

Customisable equipment configuration

Variety of equipment available to suit differing needs

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