Digital X-ray with swivel bracket by EXAMION

X-DRS Floor U-Arm

Space-saving swivel bracket system with motorised movement

X-DRS Floor U-Arm

With its compact dimensions, the X-DRS Floor U-arm swivel bracket system takes up very little space in your X-ray room, but sacrifices nothing in terms of operating comfort. The touchscreen permits convenient operation of the swivel bracket X-ray system, as well as quick and easy entry of X-ray exposure settings. The X-DRS Floor U-Arm is motorised, allowing you to fully focus on positioning your patients comfortably, with just a few movements.

Thanks to motorised height adjustment of the cross arm and emitter/image distance, positioning requires little physical effort on the part of the operator. It can be carried out simply at the touch of a button, allowing you to operate the X-ray system for long periods of time without interruption.

The swivel bracket system uses only one bucky tray, and is therefore fitted with a single X-ray detector as standard. This would also be a good choice for you if you prefer to leave the detector in place as a matter of course.

  • X-ray tube and bucky tray are directly connected to each other for accurate centering
  • Touchscreen for parameterising and saving multiple pre-set X-ray positions
  • Particularly well-suited for X-ray exposures in the upright position under load
  • Advanced design

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Renting instead of buying with fail-safe is also valid for our swivel bracket X-DRS Floor U-Arm. Inform yourself about our promotional offer of 1,285 euro per month.

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Advantages of the X-DRS Floor U-Arm

Smooth motorised movement

No issues with wear and tear on mechanical controls

Flexible examination options

Both upright and recumbent position imaging is facilitated, making the system particularly suitable for use by pulmonologists, for example, as well as by urologists and orthopedic physicians.

Low risk of damage

Significantly reduced risk of damage to parts, since the X-ray detector does not need to be removed from the bucky tray

Compact design

Perfectly suited for installation in small X-ray rooms with limited floor space

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Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

The X-AQS platform is intuitive and easy to use via the touchscreen, so that entering all the necessary parameters becomes a simple task.

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Technical Specifications

SID100 cm - 180 cm (39.4" - 70.9") Motorized movement
Vertical TravelMin. 40 cm (15.8") Max. 170 cm (67") Motorized movement
Arm Rotating Angle- 30° - 120° Manual rotation, electromagnetic brake
Tube Rotation± 90° Manual rotation, mechanical brake
Detector Rotation± 45° Manual rotation, mechanical brake
Control10" Touch Screen
BuckyFor cassettes or mobile flat detectors
GeneratorCPI CMP 200 DR, 50 kW, max. 630 mA, max. 150 kV, AEC, hand switch, 3 phases / N / PE, 400 V, incl. console Other generators on request
TubeVarex RAD-14, focal spots 0.6 / 1.2 mm, 300 kHu, max. 150 kV, incl. high voltage cable, weight 17.4 kg (38.4 lbs) Optional: RAD 21, RAD 60
CollimatorManually turnable, LED lamp, integrated timer, laser alignment
AEC3-fi eld measuring chamber with cable
DFP (optional)DAP measuring device or DAP calculation, automatic integration into X-AQS X-ray journal
Warranty5 years warranty on detectors 1 year warranty on all other components Extended warranty on request
CertificationCE 2460
Selectable DetectorsX-DR L WiFiX-DR L WiFi
Pixel Size150 μm100 μm139 μm100 μm
Pixel Matrix2.304 px x 2.800 px3.500 px x 4.300 px3.072 px x 3.072 px4.267 px x 4.276 px
Weight3,4 kg2,8 kg4,6 kg3,4 kg
Protection ClassIPX1IP56IPX1IP56
Uniform Load150 kg300 kg100 kg300 kg
Local Load100 kg (4 cm diameter)150 kg (4 cm diameter)100 kg (4 cm diameter)150 kg (4 cm diameter)


ConfigurationsEXAMION X-AQS DICOM Modality SCU • DICOM Worklist SCU • DICOM Store SCU
 EXAMION X-AQS PACS • Integrated Mini-PACS

X-R Floor U-Arm

On request, the X-ray unit is also available without digitisation components. Please contact us!

Questions and Answers

EXAMION will continue to stay a strong, reliable partner for the customers, even beyond the purchase process. We perform service, repair and maintenance of the X-ray system and carry out all required tests and measurements competently. Furthermore, we offer attractive financing models. Our sales representatives will be happy to advise you personally and according to your needs.


X-raying requires not only reliable equipment – usually consisting of an X-ray system, a diagnostic workstation including a certified monitor, and X-ray software including PACS – but also expert planning in advance. Among other things this includes spatial planning as well as specifications on how radiation protection is to be complied with and how the software-based image distribution is to be carried out. The digital X-ray system can be selected accordingly. Before you can start X-ray image acquisition, various registrations must be made and the X-ray room must be approved by your responsible authorized expert. EXAMION is happy to assist you with this process; please contact the representative responsible for your territory.


Yes, our experts are mostly able to accomplish this; however, we always have to check this individually. Therefore, you do not have to rely on the provider you want to switch from for the conversion.

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The actual product configuration depends on the equipment selected and may differ from country to country. The products and product equipment shown in this illustration may differ in individual details from the current delivery program. Subject to changes in the interest of technical progress and errors excepted.