Rent high-quality EXAMION X-ray machines now.

The plus for your X-ray practice: rent radiology systems from EXAMION

Our rental model incl. Fullservice allows you to switch to state-of-the-art X-ray technology immediately and without high investment costs or leasing.

Our rental options are flexible and customizable to fit your time frame and individual needs. For example, you only want to run your practice for a few more years - no problem. You remain flexible with our short hire periods tailored exclusively for you.

We offer state-of-the-art X-ray systems, swing-arm systems or retrofit systems at affordable monthly rates. This allows you to finance the costs from current revenues. In addition, your X-ray system remains operational at all times thanks to our fail-safe service.

Particularly advantageous: repair and spare parts service are included, and thanks to mandatory upgrades and updates, your X-ray system will always remain up-to-date.

Our Fullservice

Cost security

Monthly calculable fixed costs and service costs included

Failure safety

Exchange and protection of system components

Always up to date

Maintenance and updates as well as updates and upgrades of the X-ray software X-AQS

Special offers in human medicine

We have very special rent instead of buy offers for human medicine. Secure a classic X-ray system or a swivelling bracket system for your clinic at attractive monthly prices

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Special offer veterinary medicine

Get our current offer for the complete X-DRS VET Expert system now.

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Our X-ray solutions for rent for human medicine

X-DRS Floor Basic

The floor-guided X-ray system X-DRS Floor Basic, consisting of Bucky table-wall combination, is available for rent.

X-DRS Floor Standard E

We offer attractive rental options for the X-DRS Floor Standard E X-ray system.

X-DRS Floor U-Arm

We also offer favorable rental models for the motorised swivel bracket system X-DRS Floor U-Arm.

X-DRS Floor U-Arm Manual

The mechanical swivel arm system is predestined for small X-ray rooms.

Our X-ray solutions for rent for veterinary medicine

X-DRS VET Expert

Attractive rental models are available for the comprehensive X-ray system for small animal practices.

Our retrofit solutions for rent

X-ray detectors X-DR L and XL WiFi

Take advantage of the great rental rates on our best-selling detectors to digitise your practice's X-ray equipment

X-ray detectors X-DR L and XL WiFi Premium

You can also rent our premium X-ray detectors.

Your advantages

Costs always under control

Thanks to monthly fixed costs



Replacement of defective system components if necessary

Always up to date

Regular hardware maintenance and updates for digitisation components



Cost security

Repair & spare parts service included


Through detector damage protection; e.g. against clumsiness, penetration of liquids or fall damage

Software updates included

Updates and upgrades of X-ray software X-AQS included

Software maintenance

Use the support hotline and remote maintenance without additional costs

Questions and Answers

Currently we offer the "renting instead of buying" option only for selected products. If you are interested in a product that is not currently offered for rent, please contact us anyway. We will try to accommodate you and will advise you about alternatives. We have plans to expand the offer in the future.

Of course, it is possible to purchase an originally rented unit after the minimum term has expired. Depending on the rental contract concluded, we will prepare an individual offer for you, taking into account the payments you have already made.

That depends entirely on the circumstances. Although a rental contract incurs regular costs for you, other costs are eliminated at the same time.

  • Renting allows you to finance fixed costs from the current income. In this way you avoid the high investment costs of a purchase. 
  • If you need the X-ray system or detector only for a limited period of time, renting might be an attractive, less expensive alternative for you. We take your individual needs into account and adapt our rental options accordingly.
  • We always keep your rented system up to date with the latest technology. We provide software updates and hardware upgrades free of charge as part of the rental agreement. If you always want to be up to date, a rental agreement saves you the costs of an update or upgrade.
  • You benefit from our service offers without having to conclude additional service or maintenance contracts. Full service is included in our rental contracts. Furthermore, you are covered against breakdowns. We replace broken system components if necessary. With detector damage protection, you are even covered in the event of clumsiness, liquid ingress or fall damage.

Of course, this depends on the situation. If modifications on site are neccessary in order to guarantee the radiation protection requirements and to use the X-ray system optimally, our service staff will plan their implementation with you first of all.
Our X-ray systems are optimised for small rooms which reduces the effort. In addition, our X-ray systems are designed for user-friendliness and efficiency. This also applies to the installation process. 
As a German company, we are there for you on site. This shortens travel times and transport routes. The time span between signing the contract and your X-ray system being ready for use gets reduced to a minimum. Contact us to arrange your individual delivery time.


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The actual product configuration depends on the equipment selected and may differ from country to country. The products and product equipment shown in this illustration may differ in individual details from the current delivery program. Subject to changes in the interest of technical progress and errors excepted.