CR retrofit solutions – emergency medicine

Imaging plate systems for medical emergencies

For X-ray service providers who are on the move with mobile units, the reliability of the equipment is of utmost priority. The X-ray system must enable flexible accommodation and must be robust so that adverse outdoor conditions do not impede medical use. EXAMION's imaging plate systems, also known as CR systems, satisfy these requirements. The reading technology has been tried and tested over many years.

In addition, doctors in emergency operations benefit from the fact that digital X-ray images are available quickly. Repeating an X-ray is only necessary in exceptional cases, which also ensures that many examinations can be carried out in a short time. Alternatively, digital X-ray images can also be generated with DR retrofit solutions.

The CR systems in combination with the special X-ray software X-AQS produce high-quality images which facilitate diagnosis. In addition, imaging plate systems are inexpensive and entail low follow-up costs for operation and necessary maintenance.

Imaging plate systems for mobile X-ray

X-CR Tabletop Highcap

  • For use anywhere, not tied to a single location
  • Durable and robust technology
  • Cost-optimised alternatives for digital X-rays

Advantages of imaging plate systems in mobile units


Can be used in X-ray containers or for other mobile radiological operations

Reading unit for combining different X-ray systems

Can be combined with many different X-ray systems

Reliable technology

High-quality digital X-ray images, even under adverse conditions

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