Small animal X-ray equipment

Digital radiography for all x-ray procedures from small animal practices to clinics

Our product portfolio primarily consists of complete X-ray solutions for digital radiography, consisting of an X-ray source and detector, as well as the appropriate X-ray AQS software. Depending on the individual system model, the X-ray systems are suitable for digital X-rays in veterinary practices as for clinics.

All components of the integrated X-ray systems are controlled by EXAMION's universal X-AQS software platform, ensuring highest user-convenience and the fastest workflow.

Our portfolio includes reliable and established X-ray sources as a high-quality upgrade component for refurbishing your existing X-ray table for the small animal practice and clinic.

Stationary X-ray systems and complete systems for veterinary medicine

X-DR Static Classic

  • For diverse applications from small animal practices to clinics
  • Complete digital system
  • Wall socket plug-in usage

X-DRS VET Expert

  • Universal digital and compact X-ray system
  • User friendly and flexible
  • Ideally suited for your veterinary practice or small animal clinic

X-DRS Floor Basic

  • High-performance X-ray system
  • Developed specifically for small animal clinics
  • Floating X-ray tabletop
  • Complete digital system

X-R Static Univet

  • Entry-level X-ray system
  • Universal and reliable
  • Quick and secure installation
  • Optional upgradable as digital system

Advantages of X-ray and complete digital systems

Individual X-ray solutions for your individual requirements

The perfect solution for the diverse needs of small animal veterinarians

Superior quality X-rays

Our complete digital X-ray systems consist of perfectly matched detector and X-ray source

Efficient workflow

The full integrated X-ray systems are centrally controlled via the on-board EXAMION X-AQS software

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