Mobiles Röntgensystem für Notfalluntersuchungen

Mobile X-ray device — emergency medicine

Mobile and sturdy X-ray system for quick change of location

Many medical emergencies require that X-ray equipment can be moved or carried to the patient. The mobile X-ray device from EXAMION is specifically designed for such conditions. The system is equipped with all necessary components and at the same time reduced to a minimum. With this emergency radiological equipment, many X-ray applications are flexibly possible, and — with operation via our X-AQS X-ray software — the digital X-ray image is directly available to you without wasting time.

Mobile X-ray system for temporary medical facilities

X-DRS Mobile 4/8 kW

  • Stable mobile stand and fixed X-ray system
  • Collapsible

Advantages of a mobile X-ray system in a medical emergency


Collapsible to a compact size for quick relocation on or off-site

Easy to carry

At 46 kg, equipment in collapsed form can also be carried if necessary.

Mobile equipment

Can be safely pushed anywhere, with large wheels for extra stability

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