Mobiles Röntgensystem für temporäre medizinische Einsätze

X-DRS Mobile 4/8 kW

Mobile X-ray system – Specially designed for emergency examination situations

X-DRS Mobile 4/8 kW

The X-DRS Mobile 4/8 kW consists of a mobile stand with braking system to hold it in place, with an X-ray system mounted on it. It can also be coupled with an EXAMION X-ray detector and fully controlled via our X-AQS X-ray software.

The mobile X-ray system is a flexible option for acquisition of radiological images in different departments and in the field. Not only can it be transported safely from room to room, but it is also suitable for transport to off-site locations. The X-DRS Mobile 4/8 kW can be quickly and easily collapsed to a compact transportable unit for use in another location in a few simple steps.

  • Weighs only 46 kg
  • Can also be combined with the X-DR L WiFi unit for maximum system compatibility
  • Can be ideally combined with the X-DR L WiFi Portable Case or the X-DR L WiFi Portable Bag for easy transportation
  • The X-DRS Portable 4/8 kW is also available with a collapsible tripod stand instead of a wheeled mobile stand

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Advantages of the X-DRS Mobile 4/8 kW

Central control unit

All components can be operated wirelessly using the EXAMION X-AQS software as required


Collapsible to a compact size for quick relocation on or off-site

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Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

X-AQS is a universal software platform for modular digital radiographic systems that can be customised to meet your individual needs.

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Technical Specifications

Constant potential kW ratings4,0 kW8,0 kW
kVp range in 1 kVp steps Accuracy40 to 125 ± 3 % 
mA stations5, 6,4, 8, 10, 12,5, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 64, 80, 100 
Exposure time range Number of stations0.001 – 10 s 41 (in 25 % steps) 
mAs range Number of stations Accuracy0.1 – 250 mAs 34 (in 25 % steps) ± 5 % 


Stationary anodeYes 
Two focal spots0,5 mm – 1,8 mm0,6 mm – 2,8 mm
Anode heat storage capacity47.215 HU40.000 HU
Target angle16°15°
Red laser pointerOptional 
Power cord6 m 
Exposure cord3 m 
Line regulationSingle-phase line automatic Regulation. Automatic output power adaption to power line conditions. 
Line power requirements (± 10 % VAC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz)100 – 240 VAC220 – 240 VAC
Weight15 kg 
Warranty12-month warranty, extended warranty on request 


Questions and Answers

As a PACS manufacturer, we are specialized in radiological image management. Based on our long-standing experience also in the X-ray sector, we act as a one-stop shop: from consulting to planning and implementation of the entire X-ray room and subsequent image distribution. Thus, our representatives can provide in-depth information about our digital X-ray systems and give you appropriate retrofitting advice, but they can also help you quickly and efficiently in case of a malfunction.

It depends on the individual case. Depending on the X-ray system, we are able to carry out maintenance and repairs or enable further use of X-ray equipment. This must be evaluated individually; our representatives will be happy to advise you! Send us an email at or contact your sales representative directly.


Each of the above indicated types of business operation has different characteristics and challenges which we as manufacturer will take into account accordingly, whether by attractive financing options that can be mapped accordingly or by corresponding product features that make an application particularly easy. Please contact your representative.


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