Schwenkbuegelsystem zum Einabu in einen Container oder LKW

X-DRS Floor Z-Arm Manual

Swivel bracket system for facilities with spatial constraints

X-DRS Floor Z-Arm Manual

To facilitate emergency X-ray examinations in mobile containers and trucks, an X-ray system must fulfill two basic characteristics: It needs to be as compact as possible, and as versatile as possible. Our X-DRS Floor Z-Arm Manual X-ray swivel bracket system was developed specifically as a space-saving X-ray solution with these factors in mind. It is especially useful for the handling of emergency and intensive care patients who can only be examined radiologically while lying down.

This tried and tested, fully-mechanical X-ray system not only offers the functionality of the X-DRS Floor U-Arm Manual system, but can also be used to acquire lateral X-ray images in the recumbent position. To achieve this, the patient table is pushed through the Z-shaped opening of the cross arm in front of the bucky tray. The classic application of the Z-Arm is for lateral X-ray thorax imaging of the recumbent intensive care and trauma patients.

  • X-ray emitter and bucky tray are directly linked for accurate centering
  • Ideal for small hospitals in remote areas, field hospitals, container hospitals and can also be installed in trucks

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Advantages of the X-DRS Floor Z-Arm Manual

Lateral recumbent position exposures

Lateral thorax images can be acquired with the patient in a recumbent position

Robust X-ray technology

Reliable and efficient operation of the X-ray system due to the fully mechanical design

Suitable for installation in limited space

Ideal for installation in containers or a trucks

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Our own X-ray software, developed in-house, means that your X-ray images will be ready for evaluation in the shortest possible time.

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X-R Floor Z-Arm Manual

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