X-DRS Standard - Ceiling-guided X-ray systems

X-DRS Ceiling Standard

Ceiling-mounted system for digital X-ray examinations

X-DRS Ceiling Standard

The X-DRS Ceiling Standard is an extremely robust X-ray system, suitable for the entire range of radiological examinations in hospitals. The various settings for X-ray doses and generator operation are fully configurable to the corresponding requirements of the operator or the examination, ensuring adequate power reserves in all cases.

In the standard version, the X-ray system is equipped with electromotive tracking functions that assist the operator to obtain correct positioning prior to X-ray exposure. The X-ray tube itself is motorised and is moved into position by the tracking system when the table or wall unit is moved. The stitching function version offers the highest degree of motorised movement, allowing fully automatic full-leg or full-spine imaging acquisition at the wall unit.

  • Motorised tracking of the X-ray emitter when the table height changes, or when the bucky tray is moved on the wall stand
  • Stitching option: Bucky movement automatically results in correct positioning for the required partial images
  • An exclusively mechanical version is available for special applications

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Advantages of the X-DRS Ceiling Standard

Various X-ray techniques

Enables all kinds of standard examinations, imaging in the prone position, as well as image acquisition while the patient remains in their hospital bed

Stitching version

Fully automatic full-leg and full-spine imaging at the wall unit

Low life-cycle costs

You can rely on consistent performance and low maintenance requirements

Fast parameter settings

Settings can be easily entered and changed on the X-ray tube touchscreen

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Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

Use our in-house EXAMION X-AQS X-ray software for your complete image management system or integrate the parts you need into your existing infrastructure.

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Technical Specifications

Minimum focus-ceiling distance830 mm
Vertical telescope travel range1800 mm
Longitudinal travel range3500 mm (optional: 5645 mm) Detent positions configurable during installation
Transverse travel range2150 mm (optional: 3500 mm) Detent positions configurable during installation
Length of transverse track3030 mm (optional 4380 mm)
Tube rotation range, horizontal axis

–120° / +120°

Detent positions at: -90°; 0°; +90°

Tube rotation range, vertical axis

–154°/ +182°

Detent positions at: -90°; 0°; +90°; +180°

Front touch user interfaceSID Horizontal tube rotation angle



Vertical motorized tracking of a wall bucky table

Electromagnetic brake for telescopic lift, transverse track 3 m long transverse track

Vertical SID acquisition

Integrated lock function, locks at any position along the ceiling track Telescope carriage with automatic stop at SID 115 cm


Tabletop width80 cm (31.5’’)
Tabletop length240 cm (94.5’’)
Table height (motorized adjustment)54 cm to 93 cm ± 1.5 cm (21.3’’ to 36.6’’ ± 0.6’’)
Tabletop travelLongitudinal: ± 48 cm (± 18.9’’); Transverse: ± 14 cm (± 5.5’’)


Vertical movement WS TL/TR34 cm to 173 cm (13.4” to 68.1”) above floor (center to center)
Tilting BuckyTiltable from –20° to +90° with 0°/90° detent


Power rating60 kV: 1 mA to 640 mA
100 kV: 1 mA to 550 mA
125 kV: 1 mA to 443 mA
150 kV: 1 mA to 366 mA
Exposure voltageFrom 40 kV to 150 kV
Maximum mAsFrom 0.5 to 800 mAs graduated either in 33 fixed values of one or in 65 values of 1/2 exposure point
Max. mAS60 kV: 800 mAs
100 kV: 560 mAs
125 kV: 444 mAs
150 kV: 373 mAs
Dimensions (L x W x H)1020 mm x 570 mm x 542 mm (40.2" x 22.4" x 21.3")


Nominal powers52 kW/103 kW for focal spots 0.6/1.0, respectively thermal anode reference power = 0 W, at 150 HZ
Heat storage capacities

600 kHU (anode)

2430 kHU (tube assembly)

anode cooling rate 162 kHu/min

Voltage range150 kV, 150/180 Hz


Questions and Answers

EXAMION will continue to stay a strong, reliable partner for the customers, even beyond the purchase process. We perform service, repair and maintenance of the X-ray system and carry out all required tests and measurements competently. Furthermore, we offer attractive financing models. Our sales representatives will be happy to advise you personally and according to your needs.

Yes, an image export of single images can be done in different ways by the users themselves. Available formats include jpg and DICOM. To export DICOM images, our X-AQS “Export Module” is required. This is usually part of the standard configuration of our X-ray software, so it should probably be installed on your system already as well. Depending on the configuration of the X-AQS software, the image data can also be stored on a specific path for further distribution or upload by cloud services. Please feel free to contact our representatives for more detailed information.

Yes, our experts are mostly able to accomplish this; however, we always have to check this individually. Therefore, you do not have to rely on the provider you want to switch from for the conversion.

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