Die deckengeführte X-DRS Ceiling ist ideal für Pferderöntgenaufnahmen

X-DRS Ceiling

Ceiling-mounted complete X-ray system for the equine veterinary clinic

X-DRS Ceiling

The gantry X-DRS Ceiling X-ray system is perfectly suited for all-round radiological imaging in the equine clinic, owing to the combination of the highest generator power, its telescopic arms, and the brilliant-quality EXAMION detectors.

The X-DRS Ceiling X-ray system challenges the best radiological practice on horses’ extra thickness and high-density body parts. X-ray penetration requires powerful veterinary X-ray equipment. For this, X-DRS ceiling systems are standard equipped with X-ray generators up to 100 kW power. This high performance in combination with the premium matched EXAMION detectors ensure brilliant X-ray images every time.

The stationary X-ray system can be equipped with one or two telescopic arms. The large displacement range of the telescopic arms in the ceiling rails offers the greatest possible freedom of movement throughout all your X-ray examinations.

  • Extendable to a standard height of 180 cm (193 cm optional)
  • Most powerful x-ray system

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X-DRS Ceiling One

The X-DRS Ceiling One is equipped with a single telescopic arm for the X-ray tube. High power X-ray tubes are inherently associated with the corresponding heavy weight. This is carried by the telescopic arm, maximizing relief on the X-ray system operator when performing delicate equine examinations.

X-DRS Ceiling Two

The X-DRS Ceiling Two has two telescopic arms. The X-ray detector is installed on a second telescopic arm, which can be moved in synchronization with the X-ray tube on the first telescopic arm. When the detector is positioned in its mounted bucky tray, no assistance is required to hold it in position.

Consequently, the number of people involved can be reduced, limiting exposure of personnel to X-rays. The detector tray on the second telescopic arm additionally performs the automatic exposure (AEC) function so that the x-ray acquisition process is always attained with the optimal x-ray dose.

The X-ray detector can be removed from its bucky tray and moved freely into any chosen position.

Advantages of the X-DRS Ceiling

Highest generator power

Sufficient power to ensure all-round X-ray penetration on horses


Highest standards

This X-ray gantry system is the premium system for specialized veterinary equine clinics


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Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

The integrated X-AQS X-ray software offers equine-specific organ programs, enabling your optimal radiological workflow.

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