X-DR Static Classic

For all small animal examination situations, from veterinary practice to clinic

X-DR Static Classic

The X-DR Static Classic is designed to meet all the requirements of a small animal X-ray system for the small animal veterinary practice to the large veterinary clinic.

With this powerful performance, the X-ray system is designed as plug-in mains, no expensive electrical power connections are needed for installation, which is consequently quick and easy.

With its onboard computer-assisted system control, all functions are available directly from the X-ray system, effortlessly accessible via its integrated multi-touch screen.

  • As no separate control computer is required, the modular structure of the system nevertheless allows a control station outside the x-ray room
  • Maximum cable protection, integrated in the system housing
  • One central system on-and-off switch
  • Stylish modern design and high-quality aesthetic appearance

All X-AQS software functions are readily available onboard the X-DR Static Classic

Image viewing

Various tools for image processing and diagnostic evaluation of X-ray images and measurement algorithms come standard with the X-DRS Static Classic.


X-rays can be exported to a patient CD/DVD, USB drive or shared to the cloud, a download link via an automatically generated email forwarded via Drop-Cloud is also one of many modalities into our X-DICOM range of functions.

Image archive

EXAMION image archive is integrated into the small animal X-ray system and ready to be connected to your clinic PACS and PMS in many different setups.

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Advantages of the X-DR Static Classic

Intelligible operation

All functions can be effortlessly controlled via the integrated multi-touch monitor

Universal X-ray system

Suitable for all small animal practices to veterinary clinics

Superior image quality

Excellent X-ray image quality for accurate diagnosis via its on-board X-AQS software

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Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

Easy access through the large multi-touch diagnostic monitor to the advanced X-AQS animal-specific organ algorithms.

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Technical Specifications

Generator32kW / max. 450 mA
Voltage range40 - 125 kV (optional throttling to 99 kV
TubeMonoblock, Focal spots 0.6 / 1.3 mm
Exposure time range1 ms – 2,5 s
Programs352 pre-programmed
Combi server1 TB
MonitorX-HW More Multitouch Monitor
Table top

160 cm x 75 cm (63“ x 29.5“),

floating Longitudinal ±35 cm (13.8“)

Transversal ± 11cm (4.3“)

Mains connection230 V - 50 / 60 Hz 1-phase (wall plug)
DetectorX-DR XL wired, 43 cm x 43 cm (17“ x 17“), CsI


X-AQS Module Archiving on CD/DVD

X-AQS Module Data Compression

contains for Client

X-AQS Module Patient CD/DVD

X-AQS Module Import Bitmap Images

X-AQS Module Import DICOM Images

X-AQS Module Import AQS Images

X-AQS Module Image Export

X-AQS Module Mail Export

X-AQS Client

1 workstation (expandable up to 4 workstations)

X-AQS Viewer

X-AQS Diagnosis License per Client, floating license for X-AQS Software

Questions and Answers

EXAMION will continue to stay a strong, reliable partner for the customers, even beyond the purchase process. We perform service, repair and maintenance of the X-ray system and carry out all required tests and measurements competently. Furthermore, we offer attractive financing models. Our sales representatives will be happy to advise you personally and according to your needs.

It depends on the individual case. Depending on the X-ray system, we are able to carry out maintenance and repairs or enable further use of X-ray equipment. This must be evaluated individually; our representatives will be happy to advise you! Send us an email at vertrieb@examion.com or contact your sales representative directly.


This depends on the range of applications in the practice. The X-DR L WiFi (35 cm x 43 cm (14" x 17")) basically covers all animal shots due to its size. However, especially for large animals such as horses, an X-DR M WiFi (25 cm x 30 cm (10" x 12")) is more suitable since it can be positioned extremely flexibly on the animal.

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The actual product configuration depends on the equipment selected and may differ from country to country. The products and product equipment shown in this illustration may differ in individual details from the current delivery program. Subject to changes in the interest of technical progress and errors excepted.