X-ray systems for the veterinary practice

X-R Static Univet

Cost-effective X-ray system for small animal practice

X-R Static Univet

The X-R Static Univet is a cost-effective versatile high-frequency X-ray system that delivers high-quality radiographs.

Thanks to the floating tabletop with electronic brake and integrated pre-selection of 352 standard organ programs, handling X-ray system is kept convenient and user-friendly.

The X-R Static Univet is available as standalone and as a complete system solution with an EXAMION CR system or DR system.

  • Fast and precise X-raying
  • Easy installation and wall-plug suitable
  • 352 standard organ programs
  • Minimal Radiation Exposure
  • Floating tabletop with electromagnetic brakes

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Advantages of the X-R Static Univet

Fast and safe installation

Reduced to the essential requirements of a small animal X-ray system

Compact design

Reliability and comfort without requiring a lot of space: Extremely compact size despite floating tabletop, still offering high performance

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Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

The X-R Static Univet system includes a customized version of our EXAMION X-AQS software that permits intuitive tasking of the X-ray parameters.

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Technical Specifications

Output power37,5 kW / 400 mA
Voltage range40 – 100 kV
Current range

0,1 – 100 mAs

Switching time0,001 – 1,25 s
Mains connection230 V – 50 Hz 1-phase (wall plug)
Capacitor technology3 kW Input, 37,5 kW Output
Foot release switch2-stage with safety function
Table topFloating two movements
Table height85 cm
Table top surface160 cm x 68 cm (63“ x 26.8“), offset ± 28 cm (11“)
TubeX-ray tube with rotary anode, dual focus 0.8 / 1.8 mm
CollimatorManual rotation, halogen lamp, timer
OptionalX-R Static Univet as Standalone with a Tablet for the species / organ selection and kV / mAs setting.

X-CR Static Univet with Tablet and an EXAMION CR System: X-CR Tabletop Vita, X-CR Tabletop Smart, Colenta HighCap Xr.

X-CR Static Univet with an EXAMION CR System: X-CR Tabletop Vita, X-CR Tabletop Smart, Colenta HighCap Xr.

X-DR Static Univet available with wired detectors: X-DR XL PE / X-DR XL RA - 43 cm x 43 cm (17“ x 17“), other detectors on demand.

12-month warranty Extended warranty on request


Questions and Answers

As a PACS manufacturer, we are specialized in radiological image management. Based on our long-standing experience also in the X-ray sector, we act as a one-stop shop: from consulting to planning and implementation of the entire X-ray room and subsequent image distribution. Thus, our representatives can provide in-depth information about our digital X-ray systems and give you appropriate retrofitting advice, but they can also help you quickly and efficiently in case of a malfunction.

Each of the above indicated types of business operation has different characteristics and challenges which we as manufacturer will take into account accordingly, whether by attractive financing options that can be mapped accordingly or by corresponding product features that make an application particularly easy. Please contact your representative.

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