Dentales Röntgen für die Tiermedizin

X-CR More Tabletop FireCR Dental

Imaging plate scanner for dental X-ray systems

X-CR Tabletop FireCR

The X-CR Tabletop FireCR allows optimal reading of dental X-ray images. With its easy handling as well as great flexibility and high speed, the dental scanner truly stands out.
The special imaging plates are extremely thin and also bendable to a certain extent. Intraoral positioning is particularly easy and user-friendly and allows quick generation of the X-ray image.
The magnetic retraction of the X-CR Tabletop FireCR further simplifies the process and optimizes the X-ray workflow: The imaging plate is placed directly on the feeder and held there magnetically. When reading dental X-ray images, the plate is neither bent nor touched by transport rollers, but only transported through the feeder. This means that the imaging plates can be used for a long time before they need to be replaced.

  • Magnetic feed: No additional adapters required to read the imaging plate
  • Two-step process: After intraoral exposure, the imaging plates are read quickly and reliably in the X-CR Tabletop FireCR
  • Imaging plates available in different dental formats for different animal species

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Advantages of the X-CR Tabletop FireCR

User-friendly operation

Supporting functions ensure simple and easy handling for fast workflows

Compact size

Extremely compact (12 cm wide and 32 cm deep) provides optimal utilization of space in every treatment room

Various imaging plate formats

Appropriate imaging plate format for each region of the dentition

Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

The X-CR More FireCR reading unit can be operated via the EXAMION X-ray software, just like the compatible X-ray system. This provides high-quality dental X-ray images quickly and reliably.

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As a PACS manufacturer, we are specialized in radiological image management. Based on our long-standing experience also in the X-ray sector, we act as a one-stop shop: from consulting to planning and implementation of the entire X-ray room and subsequent image distribution. Thus, our representatives can provide in-depth information about our digital X-ray systems and give you appropriate retrofitting advice, but they can also help you quickly and efficiently in case of a malfunction.

It depends on the individual case. Depending on the X-ray system, we are able to carry out maintenance and repairs or enable further use of X-ray equipment. This must be evaluated individually; our representatives will be happy to advise you! Send us an email at or contact your sales representative directly.

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