Planmed Clarity

Digital mammography systems

Planmed Clarity

The Clarity™ series from Planmed consists of three digital all-in-one mammography and tomosynthesis systems. These are specially designed to support timely patient-friendly diagnosis. Breast examinations are carried out quickly so that the patient experiences minimum discomfort comfort during the procedure. These mammography systems are also designed for easy, ergonomic use. The high-quality 2D and 3D images provide attending physicians with an excellent basis for reliable breast cancer detection.

Advantages of the Clarity mammography systems

High image quality

  • Image quality can be adapted to respective viewing practices
  • Contrast, sharpness and brightness can be adjusted separately


  • Compact design
  • SideAccess™: Rotation of the X-ray tube to either side of the breast positioning table
  • Unobstructed view for positioning


  • MaxView™: The breast is drawn in between the paddle and the positioning table by means of moving slides. A larger section of the breast tissue can be seen in the images
  • Biopsy function can be retrofitted
  • Enlargement option also available

Planmed Clarity S

The Clarity S mammography system offers the optimal price-performance ratio. Its all-in-one digital system is designed for the range of regular breast screenings, and is perfect for the handling all kinds of follow-up exams, including 2D biopsies.

The system is based on proven technologies that are a guarantee of superior performance and high-quality results.


Planmed Clarity 2D

Clarity 2D is another digital mammography device suitable for a variety of breast examinations, including screening, diagnostic evaluation and stereotactic biopsies. Dual touchscreens for either side operation ensure maximum efficiency, as well as high patient throughput. The system is designed with future scalability in mind, and can be expanded to include digital breast tomosynthesis whenever you decide you need it.


Planmed Clarity 3D

Seeing more than with 2D: With the Clarity 3D breast imaging device first-time use of three-dimensional breast imaging becomes easy. The advanced tomosynthesis system generates a three-dimensional view of the female breast from low-dose images from -15° to +15°. This enables an improved presentation of the mammary gland tissue which facilitates diagnosis. Continuous sync-and-shoot imaging generates tomosynthesis images without motion blur. The system provides two resolution options to choose from.


Planmed MaxView system for breast positioning

Both systems, Clarity 2D as well as Clarity 3D, can be equipped with the patented MaxView system for an even more comfortable breast positioning. Thanks to movable, hygienic and radiolucent films above and below the compressed breast, the breast tissue is gently pulled into the acquisition field. This allows more tissue to be captured and thus allows a more comprehensive presentation for breast cancer diagnosis.

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