Speicherfoliensysteme für digitales Röntgen in der Veterinärmedizin

X-CR systems

Digital radiography with image plates

X-CR Tabletop

EXAMION image plate systems (otherwise known as computed radiography (CR) systems) are an ideal entry-level and/or backup facility, offering a cost-optimised solution for digital X-rays. Image plate systems are compact table-top devices. Their basic functioning relies on a two-step process which generates the X-ray images. After the imaging plate is exposed to the radiation source, the CR cassette is then inserted in the scanner where it is read. Only at this stage can the digital X-ray image be displayed on the viewer.

EXAMION’s X-AQS software includes a special operating mode designed for image plate scanners. Clicking on ‘Start’ in the software program initiates the respective reading process. Image post-processing and evaluation is performed in the same way as our standard software, with full functionality.

If you subsequently decide to switch from an imaging plate system to a digital detector system, our software remains virtually the same. Very little extra training would be required.

Our product portfolio includes a range of image plate systems. Contact us for more information. We will be happy to advise you on the best X-ray solution, tailored to suit you and your specific requirements.

  • Image plate systems can be used in conjunction with any stationary, mobile or portable X-ray system
  • Recording takes place in two steps: The X-ray image is first acquired, and reading then takes place via a separate procedure
  • Backup device: If your standard X-ray system should fail for any reason, the CR system is a cost-effective backup device with a very small footprint

X-CR Tabletop Highcap

The X-CR Tabletop Highcap is a proven technological solution for digitising your existing X-ray system.

If you operate multiple X-ray systems in your hospital, the imaging plate scanner is well-suited to act as a backup device. In the majority of cases, the image plate cassette can simply be placed in the bucky tray of digital X-ray systems awaiting repair. This will permit you to carry on processing, and thus avoid any major delays.

  • Up to 73 cassettes per hour
  • Cassette dimensions 18 x 24 cm, 15 x 30 cm, 24 x 30 cm, 35 x 35 cm, 35 x 43 cm


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Advantages of our X-CR Tabletop imaging plate systems

Robust devices

Imaging plate cassettes are relatively robust and less susceptible to damage

Flexible workspace selection

Does not need to be the direct vicinity of the X-ray system

Versatile compatibility

Can be used in conjunction with any stationary, mobile or portable X-ray system


Switching to a digital X-ray system that uses image plates requires a much smaller initial investment than switching directly to advanced detector technology

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Powered by X-AQS EXAMION X-ray software

Our X-AQS software is optimised for use with the image plate scanner. Both components are perfectly matched to ensure smooth operation and acquisition of reliable X-ray imaging results with excellent image quality.

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Questions and Answers

As a PACS manufacturer, we are specialized in radiological image management. Based on our long-standing experience also in the X-ray sector, we act as a one-stop shop: from consulting to planning and implementation of the entire X-ray room and subsequent image distribution. Thus, our representatives can provide in-depth information about our digital X-ray systems and give you appropriate retrofitting advice, but they can also help you quickly and efficiently in case of a malfunction.

It depends on the individual case. Depending on the X-ray system, we are able to carry out maintenance and repairs or enable further use of X-ray equipment. This must be evaluated individually; our representatives will be happy to advise you! Send us an email at vertrieb@examion.com or contact your sales representative directly.

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The actual product configuration depends on the equipment selected and may differ from country to country. The products and product equipment shown in this illustration may differ in individual details from the current delivery program. Subject to changes in the interest of technical progress and errors excepted.