Growing despite the crisis

Fellbach, August 20, 2020 – Already early on in the corona crisis, EXAMION recognized the urgent need for ventilators. Since the German market was quickly drained, the Fellbach-based company benefited from contacts in Asia. With a delivery commitment for 1,350 systems, it was possible to provide equipment to university clinics in Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg as well.

The increasing number of COVID-19 patients in March and April led to a rapidly increasing demand for ventilators. All available systems were quickly sold out across Europe. Well-founded relationships helped to meet the demand. Both managing directors of the Fellbach X-ray technology company EXAMION, Andreas Oppermann and Bernd Schleicher, were able to rely on their contacts in Asia to get a delivery commitment for 1,350 ventilators.

But it was not only the well-founded business relationships that proved to be an advantage for the two entrepreneurs. Due to the numerous regulations prevailing in X-ray technology, the company's medical technology specialists were able to familiarize themselves with the legal requirements for the commissioning of ventilators in a short time.

The success of these efforts is a major project that has managed to procure 1,200 ventilators for the federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria. “The ventilators are all put into operation here. This gives us the opportunity to test the functionality of the individual devices in advance and thus ensure that only flawless products reach our clinic customers,” says Bernd Schleicher.

A project team at EXAMION dealt not only with all questions relating to the procurement of accessories and consumables, but also with issues of logistics and security for the delivery, storage and distribution of the devices. In terms of technology, it was necessary to deal with the provisions for commissioning and the regular safety checks. In addition, the project team made sure that the obligatory on-site instruction is accompanied by an e-learning concept that enables users to familiarize themselves with the handling of the ventilators. This supports the upcoming delivery of the devices.

With the orders for ventilators, EXAMION supports Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria with urgently needed equipment that is critically necessary for patient care. The company is thus making a meaningful contribution to increasing intensive capacities in the current crisis. On the other hand, it was possible to secure and expand the volume of work at EXAMION.