EXAMION Poland supports Ukrainian hospitals and doctors

Fellbach, March 8, 2022 – In the past, our subsidiary EXAMION Poland has established well-founded economic relations with Ukrainian medical institutions, such as private and public hospitals as well as military hospitals. Especially Mr. Zygmunt Smykalla, Managing Director of EXAMION Poland, maintains extensive connections to many physicians. The Ukrainian doctors can now utilize this network to receive unbureaucratic help and relief supplies through Mr. Smykalla and his team in cooperation with the supporting association “Verein der privaten Krankenhäuser” (engl. Association of Private Hospitals).

EXAMION Poland has already organized three transports to hospitals in Kiev and Dnieper in the past week, the last one taking place last Sunday. Another transport to Kharkiv is planned, but due to the current threat situation its implementation is uncertain. Right after the Russian attack began, the local team in Cisek, Poland, launched an appeal for help from doctors, hospitals and medical facilities from the region to collect items that are most needed – currently these are medical supplies for injured and seriously injured people, medicines, as well as blood bags, transfusion sets and equipment for medical care in the intensive care unit. This already includes two ventilators that EXAMION purchased from Aeonmed, which were originally intended for use in the Corona pandemic. Five additional ventilators are currently being prepared in Germany for shipment to Cisek.

The team will be organizing the transport to Lviv in Western Ukraine as soon as a quantity enough to fill a van is available in the warehouse. The transport from the Ukrainian border is accompanied and protected by the military. From the intermediate storage facility in Lviv, the medical supplies are then passed on immediately and unbureaucratically to the hospital doctors. Direct distribution of goods in the fought-over regions would be far too dangerous for our Polish colleagues, so distribution takes place in Lviv.

Our support has the advantage of reaching the affected physicians and facilities directly, and our resources can now be used to save lives. For large aid organizations it is often not possible to provide support directly in the combat zone because there is no ceasefire.

Your support for help gets there directly

We would be delighted if we could jointly support the incredible commitment of our Polish colleagues even further. Do you have contacts in medical facilities, with doctors or even other medical device manufacturers? You are welcome to activate your friends and acquaintances to donate. Currently there is an urgent need for the following items:

  • medical equipment
  • consumables
  • and medication.

The donations are collected directly at our subsidiary in Cisek and will be transported from there to Ukraine. EXAMION’s Dr. Cornelia Lueck-Jarczyk oversees the activities and is in constant exchange with Zygmunt Smykalla. If you can mediate help and support, please feel free to contact Dr. Lueck-Jarczyk (preferably by mail: cornelia.lueck@examion.com; mobile +49 171 8115050).