Technological information from our expert staff

At EXAMION, experts from various disciplines and departments, in technology, sales and product development, handle all of the topics related to digital X-ray and medical image processing. Here we would like to let our expert employees have their say, so they can explain a few industry-specific terms in plainer language as well as some information worth knowing.


A plea for the digitisation of radiology

The digitisation of medical imaging - whether direct digital with fully integrated X-ray equipment or via a retrofit system using direct radiography…

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How the radiologist arrives at his findings

The report is the radiologist's business card. It serves as an important basis for diagnostics and treatment planning. The preparation of reports has…

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Artificial intelligence in veterinary medicine

Digitalisation has been transforming healthcare for some time now and has also reached veterinary medicine. Relatively new, however, is artificial…

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Sustainability saves money in the long term

Investing in sustainable action can pay off for all of us - including medical institutions. Our latest blog post provides some food for thought.

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Photon Counting: Evolution in Computed Tomography

Photon counting has taken imaging a significant step forward. Which advantages this technology provides you can get to know in our article.

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PACS – From Image Archive to Communication Platform

Today, a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) can do much more than just store and provide digital X-ray images. Read in this articel…

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Optimum image quality through correct radiation dosage

In the following article you will learn what exactly influences the image quality and how hard and soft radiation differ.

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