Technological information from our expert staff

At EXAMION, experts from various disciplines and departments, in technology, sales and product development, handle all of the topics related to digital X-ray and medical image processing. Here we would like to let our expert employees have their say, so they can explain a few industry-specific terms in plainer language as well as some information worth knowing.


Scientific studies on artificial intelligence in veterinary medicine

It makes sense to scientifically monitor and evaluate innovative progress such as the development of artificial intelligence (AI). The use of AI in…

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Radiation protection in the workplace

Although radiologists have a much higher occupational risk of radiation exposure than psychiatrists, the probability of dying from cancer is the same…

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Interview with veterinarian Dr Bläcker about the AI-supported diagnostic software PicoxIA

The topic of artificial intelligence has long been on everyone's lips in veterinary medicine too. However, veterinary-specific AI tools have not yet…

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Imaging - not only diagnosis, but also therapy

Today, radiologists play a central role in patient care. He or she is an important link in the chain when it comes to finding the optimal path from…

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A plea for the digitisation of radiology

The digitisation of medical imaging - whether direct digital with fully integrated X-ray equipment or via a retrofit system using direct radiography…

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How the radiologist arrives at his findings

The report is the radiologist's business card. It serves as an important basis for diagnostics and treatment planning. The preparation of reports has…

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Artificial intelligence in veterinary medicine

Digitalisation has been transforming healthcare for some time now and has also reached veterinary medicine. Relatively new, however, is artificial…

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